Bridled White-eye Zosterops conspicillatus


Justification of Red List Category
The last known sighting was in 1983, and the species is considered Extinct.

Population justification
This species is extinct.

Distribution and population

Zosterops conspicillatus was formerly found on Guam, and was last recorded in 1983 and is now extinct (del Hoyo et al. 2008). The reason for the decline is not entirely clear, but the introduction of the brown tree-snake Boiga irregularis is the most likely cause (van Balen 2016).


Similar to the extant Z. saypani the species is thought to have been found in a wide range of habitats from native limestone forest to scrubby secondary growth of disturbed habitats and even urban areas.


The species's demise is thought to be due to the invasive brown tree-snake Boiga irregularis (van Balen 2016).

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