Apalis rufogularis

This taxon is Not Recognised as a species by BirdLife International.

Taxonomic note
Apalis rufogularis and A. argentea (Sibley and Monroe 1990, 1993) have been lumped following Dowsett and Forbes-Watson (1993), who include argentea as a subspecies of A. rufogularis. Examining the literature we find that argentea (with eidos, although it is not entirely clear that these two really belong together) differ from rufogularis in: absence of rufous on throat in female (3); paler grey upperparts (1). Suggestions of differences in habitat preference between sub-montane and montane argentea and rufugularis, for the most part a bird of low- and medium altitude forest, are confounded by the fact that the latter ranges up to 2, 400 m in W Kenya, comparable to the maximum altitude at which argentea has been recorded.  The original description, which does not offer a direct comparison with rufigularis, says argentea 'differs from other members of the genus in the relatively more abrupt gradation of its outer tail-feathers', but specimens of rufigularis sensu lato appear to show the same degree of gradation. Dowsett-Lemaire & Dowsett (1990: p97) present sonogram evidence to demonstrate that the songs of argentea from Nyungwe, Rwanda and rufogularis nigrescens from Uganda are identical.  On this basis, argentea must be treated as a race of rufogularis.

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