Alagoas Foliage-gleaner Philydor novaesi

Family: Furnariidae (Ovenbirds)

Authority: Teixeira & Gonzaga, 1983

Red List Category

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Justification of Red List category
Although this species inhabited a region where there is a high level of observer awareness and searches in suitable habitat have been carried out by professional ornithologists, there have been no records since 2011. Extensive habitat loss has occurred in the region, and the remaining fragments are small and isolated (Butchart et al. 2018). Following the application of new methods for estimating the probability of a species remaining extant, the species is now considered to be Extinct. The species's decline was largely a result of logging, felling for charcoal and conversion of forest to sugarcane plantations and pastureland.

Population size: 0 mature individuals

Population trend:

Country endemic: yes

Land-mass type - continent
Realm - Neotropical
IUCN Ecosystem -- Terrestrial biome

Recommended citation
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