Um Al-Rihan

Country/territory: Palestinian Authority Territories

IBA Criteria met: B2 (1999)
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Area: 2,500 ha

Protection status:

Palestine Wildlife Society

Site description
It is a protected region with an environmental system resembles the Mediterranean forest. It is also a semi coastal region, which is located Jenin city from the west and it is near the Green Line that separate between the Palestinian occupied lands year 1948 and 1967. In this region there are a lot of villages, which are, follow Jenin, there are also a lot of forest in this region and there distance reaches to 3 thousand dunum from the land distance. The history of this forests returns to the past eras at which there were no human beings organize the area. The wooded wealth is considered one of the basic supports for the discriminative nature in Palestine because it includes biodiversity elements, in addition to the Roman ruins and the sights that show the wellborn of Palestinian history. The history of these forests return to the old era, the fantasy of these forests attract the British delegation, which is signed one of the nativity person to develop the area in 1923, and opened side way to enter to the site.

Key biodiversity
The most important characteristic for this region is that it is a semi coastal region, so it is a pass for the coming birds from the coast region and that go to the depression areas or that birds that come from the north to the Jerusalem and Nablus mountains. The most important birds that pass by the area are: the White Stork birds at which 2000 birds were registered in spring 1999, there is a possibility of the Lesser Kestrel existence because it was registered in the past, the Honey Buzzard also a crossing bird, the Egyptian Vulture is a resident birds and it also breed in this region.

Recommended citation
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