Hollola wetlands

Country/territory: Finland

IBA criteria met: B2, C6 (2000)
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Area: 913 ha

IBA conservation status
Year of assessment (most recent) Threat (pressure) Condition (state) Action (response)
2010 high favourable medium
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Site description (baseline)
A large area comprising the shallow bays of Vesijärvi lake and the eutrophic Kutajärvi lake which lie on the southern edge of the Päijänne lake water system. The vegetation is extensive reedbed surrounded by narrow stretches of meadow, and large areas of floating plants.

Key biodiversity
An important breeding and congregating area for waterbirds in continental Finland, with breeding species including Podiceps cristatus (517 pairs), P. grisegena (33 pairs), Aythya ferina (73 pairs) and Larus ridibundus (650 pairs).

Recommended citation
BirdLife International (2023) Important Bird Area factsheet: Hollola wetlands. Downloaded from on 09/06/2023.