D’Urville Monument, Joinville Island

Country/territory: Antarctica

IBA Criteria met: A4iii (2015)
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Area: 120 ha

Protection status:

Site description

D'Urville Monument is a small ice-free area (127 ha) at southwest Joinville Island, on the northern shore of Active Sound and facing Petrel Cove. The IBA qualifies on the basis of the concentration of seabirds present (in particular Adélie Penguin (Pygoscelis adeliae)) and covers the ice-free area at the site.

The nearest permanent scientific station is Petrel (ARG), a summer-only facility for up to ~55 people (COMNAP, Antarctic Facilities, accessed 06/08/2010) located ~6 km to the southwest on Dundee Island.

Key biodiversity

Approximately 10 000 pairs of Adélie Penguin and over 670 pairs of Gentoo Penguin (Pygoscelis papua) breed at D'Urville Monument (Lynch et al. 2008).

Non-bird biodiversity: None known.

Recommended citation
BirdLife International (2019) Important Bird Areas factsheet: D’Urville Monument, Joinville Island. Downloaded from on 20/05/2019.