Chudsko-Pskovski Lake and the adjacent areas

Country/territory: Russia (European)

IBA criteria met: A1, A4i, A4iii, A4iv, B1i, B1iv, B2 (2000)
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Area: 371,500 ha

Site description (2001 baseline)
Huge lake of international importance located on the Russian--Estonian border, in a highly developed area.

Key biodiversity
Wetland of International Importance. Not less than 200000-300000 individuals of waterfowl stopover during spring migration. Important place for moulting waterfowl, notably Anas platyrhynchos, Aythya ferina, Aythya fuligula and Bucephala clangula. The narrow land-corridor between Chudskoe and Pskovskoe lakes acts as a major bottleneck for migrating birds: as many as 4 million (mainly passerines but also some raptors) have been estimated to pass in a single 5-hour period in early September.

The map polygon is provided courtesy of the Spatial Database on Important Bird Areas of Russia 2014 (© Russian Bird Conservation Union, © Transparent World).

Raptors MOU - IBA listed under Table 3 of the Memorandum of Understanding on the Conservation of Migratory Birds of Prey in Africa and Eurasia

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