Îles Kerkennah

Country/territory: Tunisia

IBA Criteria met: A3, A4i (2001)
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Area: 15,000 ha

Protection status:

Association "Les Amis des Oiseaux"
Most recent IBA monitoring assessment
Year of assessment Threat score (pressure) Condition score (state) Action score (response)
2009 high very unfavourable medium
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Site description
The Kerkennah islands form an archipelago, 20 km east of the town of Sfax, in the tidal Gulf of Gabès. The archipelago is composed of two main islands, Chergui and Gharbi, and 12 smaller ones. Relief is low; the highest point is only 13 m above sea-level. Common plant species include Phoenix dactylifera, Nitraria nitraria, Salicornia radicans, Imperata cylindrica and Zygophyllum album.

Key biodiversity
See Box and Table 2 for key species. See under Kneiss (site TN032) for a general presentation of the ornithological importance of the Gulf of Gabès. The Kerkennah archipelago is an important wintering area for Phalacrocorax carbo and gulls and terns, including Larus genei, L. fuscus, L. cachinnans, Sterna caspia and S. sandvicensis. Species that breed on the islands include Falco tinnunculus, Cursorius cursor, Merops apiaster and Lanius excubitor. In addition, the islands are an important stop-over site each spring and autumn for hundreds of thousands of migrant passerines.

Non-bird biodiversity: The gerbil Gerbillus simoni zakariai is endemic to Kerkennah.

Recommended citation
BirdLife International (2021) Important Bird Areas factsheet: Îles Kerkennah. Downloaded from on 16/01/2021.