Multiple threats are driving threatened birds towards extinction in Africa

Tea plantations around Mt Kenya are monocultures with little diversity © Fabian Haas

The threats leading to population declines in birds in Africa are many and varied, and mirror those impacting bird species worldwide. BirdLife is responsible for collating, maintaining and evaluating the threats faced by the world’s threatened bird species, as part of its work on assessing their extinction risk for the IUCN Red List.

Main threats to globally threatened birds in Africa
Source: Analysis of BirdLife’s data (2013)

In Africa, as throughout the world, birds are faced with a wide variety of threats, the most significant being habitat fragmentation, degradation and destruction as well as direct impacts including hunting and trapping. Of the 2,355 bird species in Africa, 245 are classified as globally threatened. Of these, 183 (75%) are threatened by agriculture. Other key threats include logging (affecting 49% of threatened species), invasive species (47%) and climate change and severe weather (38%). What is especially clear is that many of Africa’s rarest species are impacted by multiple, compounding threats.

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Compiled: 2013   

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