Endemic Bird Areas
Stattersfield, A.J., Crosby, M.J., Long, A.J. and Wege, D.C. (1998) Endemic Bird Areas of the World. Priorities for biodiversity conservation. BirdLife Conservation Series 7. Cambridge: BirdLife International.
Spiny forest, Madagascar, © Marco Lambertini/BirdLife

Biodiversity—the total variety of life on earth—is being lost at an increasing pace. Despite growing popular support to stem this loss, conservation is hindered because financial resources are limited and the knowledge of the distribution of most organisms is poor.

BirdLife International’s Endemic Bird Areas project makes a unique contribution to the identification of priorities for biodiversity conservation by using birds—one of the best known groups of animals—as indicators of areas of high endemism. Limited conservation resources can most effectively be directed at these places. 

The links below take you through the results of BirdLife International's Endemic Bird Areas project. 

Front cover of the EBA publication Foreword, Acknowledgements and Summary
1) Biodiversity and priority setting
2) Identifying Endemic Bird Areas
3) Global analyses
4) The prioritization of Endemic Bird Areas
5) The conservation relevance of Endemic Bird Areas
6) Endemic Bird Areas as targets for conservation action
7) Regional introductions
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