White-throated Barbtail Premnoplex tatei


Justification of Red List Category
This species is listed as Endangered because it occurs at very few locations within its very small range, which is presumably declining in response to the impact of changing agricultural techniques and conversion to plantations.

Population justification
The population is placed in the band 2,500-9,999 individuals, roughly equivalent to 1,700-7,000 mature individuals, until up-to-date information is available.

Trend justification
This species's population is suspected to be declining at a moderate rate, in line with rates of habitat loss within its range.

Distribution and population

Premnoplex tatei is known from four locations (cerros Peonía, Turimiquire, Macanillal and Negro) in north-eastern Venezuela (Boesman and Curson 1995, Colvee 1999), although there have been few recent records.


It inhabits the understorey (up to 2 m from the ground) of montane humid forest, where there is extensive epiphytic growth.


The main threats to this species are habitat loss and fragmentation for agricultural expansion. The slopes of Cerro Negro are largely bare with the more obvious forest patches actually shade-coffee plantations (Boesman and Curson 1995). There is conversion to coffee, mango, banana, and citrus plantations in the Turimiquire Massif, but extensive forested areas remain (Colvee 1999, Sharpe in litt. 2011).

Conservation actions

Conservation Actions Underway
The Turimiquire Massif is a Protective Zone, but in practice the legal status is not enforced (Sharpe and Lentino 2008, 2015).

Conservation Actions Proposed
Survey known sites and other suitable areas (Boesman and Curson 1995, Rodríguez and Rojas-Suárez 1995, C. J. Sharpe, J-P. Rodríguez and F. Rojas-Suárez in litt. 1999). Protect remaining forest in the Turimiquire Massif by the creation of a national park (C. Sharpe in litt. 2016).



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Recommended citation
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