Slender-billed Grackle Quiscalus palustris


Justification of Red List Category
This species was known from the Rio Lerma area, Mexico, but it has not been recorded since 1910 and is now Extinct. The draining of its wetland habitat is likely to have been the cause.

Population justification
None remain.

Distribution and population

Quiscalus palustris had a small distribution in the Lerma marshlands, in the state of México, Mexico (Dickerman 1965), and probably also in Xochimilco in the Valley of Mexico (Peterson 1998). It was last recorded in 1910 (Stattersfield et al. 1998), and presumably became extinct soon after (Hardy 1967).


It inhabited tule-cattail and sedge filled marshes.


Its extinction was due to the draining of its habitat.


Text account compilers
Brooks, T., Khwaja, N., Mahood, S., Martin, R

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