Rufous Twistwing Cnipodectes superrufus


Lane, D. F.; Servat, G. P.; Valqui, T.; Lambert, F. R. 2007. A distinctive new species of tyrant flycatcher (Passeriformes: Tyrannidae: Cnipodectes) from southeastern Peru. The Auk 124(3): 762-772.

Tobias, J. A.; Lebbin, D. J.; Aleixo, A.; Andersen, M. J.; Guilherme, E.; Hosner, P. A.; Seddon, N. 2008. Distribution, behavior and conservation status of the Rufous Twistwing (Cnipodectes superrufus). Wilson Journal of Ornithology 120(1): 38-49.

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BirdLife International (2022) Species factsheet: Cnipodectes superrufus. Downloaded from on 25/09/2022. Recommended citation for factsheets for more than one species: BirdLife International (2022) IUCN Red List for birds. Downloaded from on 25/09/2022.