Rodrigues Parrot Necropsittacus rodricanus


Justification of Red List Category
This species was endemic to the island of Rodrigues, Mauritius, but is now Extinct. It was last reported in 1761 and presumably hunted to extinction soon after.

Population justification
None remain.

Distribution and population

Necropsittacus rodricanus is known from Rodrigues, Mauritius, from several early travellers' reports (Cheke 1987) and a number of subfossil bones (Cowles 1987). Pingré wrote the last report in 1763 based on observations from 1761 (Cheke 1987), and the species was presumably extinct soon after.


Nothing is known, though it is likely to have been a forest species.


Hunting is likely to have caused its extinction.


Text account compilers
Brooks, T., Khwaja, N., Mahood, S., Symes, A., Martin, R

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