Lendu Crombec Sylvietta chapini


Justification of Red List Category
This species is listed as Critically Endangered under criterion D because it is suspected to have an extremely small population size. Further information regarding habitat and population trends may mean it meets the threshold for listing as Critically Endangered under further criteria in the future.

Population justification
This species is very rare and has even been suggested to be possibly extinct (Hume and Walters 2012). However, unexplored forest where the species could occur exists within its known range and so the species likely persists (L. Fishpool in litt. 2011). The species is likely to be very rare given the lack of reports and lack of habitat, and so it is placed in the range of 1-49 mature individuals.

Trend justification
The population may have declined as a result of historical habitat loss, though it is not certain to what extent this has continued.

Distribution and population

Sylvietta chapini is a restricted range taxon found on the Lendu Plateau in The Democratic Republic of the Congo where it is very rare or possibly extinct (Hume and Walters 2012).


This species is known only from montane vegetation on the Lendu Plateau.


The Lendu Plateau habitat was reported to be under serious threat from encroachment from surrounding villages, including widespread and uncontrolled local logging (Pedersen 1997). In 1994, only c.20 ha of forest was seen to remain. Now, all forest on the Lendu Plateau is reported to be potentially gone (N. Burgess in litt. 2003).

Conservation actions

Conservation Actions Underway
No conservation action is known.
Conservation Actions Proposed
Survey known sites to determine the extent of remaining habitat. Conduct surveys to determine its distribution more accurately and to assess its population size. Protect remaining areas of suitable habitat.


Text account compilers
Bird, J., Butchart, S. & Westrip, J.

Burgess, N. & Fishpool, L.

Recommended citation
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