Gorgeted Puffleg Eriocnemis isabellae


Cortés-Diago, A.; Ortega, L.A.; Mazariegos-Hurtado, L.; Weller, A.-A. 2007. A new species of Eriocnemis (Trochilidae) from southwest Colombia. Ornitologia Neotropical 18(2): 161-170.

Cresswell, W.; Hughes, M.; Mellanby, R.; Bright, S.; Catry, P.; Chaves, J.; Freile, J.; Gabela, A.; Martineau, H.; Macleod, R.; Mcphie, F.; Anderson, N.; Holt, S.; Barabas, S.; Chapel, C.; Sanchez, T. 1999. Densities and habitat preferences of Andean cloud-forest birds in pristine and degraded habitats in north-eastern Ecuador. Bird Conservation International 9: 129-145.

Gallo-Cajiao, E.; López-O., H.P. 2014. Eriocnemis isabellae Zamarrito del Pinche, Gorgeted Puffleg. In: Renjifo, L.M., Gómez, M.F., Velásquez-Tibatá, J., Amaya-Villarreal, A.M., Kattan, G.H., Amaya-Espinel, J.D. and Burbano-Girón, J. (eds), Libro rojo de aves de Colombia, Volumen I: bosques húmedos de los Andes y la costa Pacífica, pp. 125-128. Pontificia Universidad Javeriana and Instituto Alexander von Humboldt, Bogotá D.C., Colombia.

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BirdLife International (2023) Species factsheet: Eriocnemis isabellae. Downloaded from on 24/03/2023. Recommended citation for factsheets for more than one species: BirdLife International (2023) IUCN Red List for birds. Downloaded from on 24/03/2023.