Common Sandpiper Actitis hypoleucos


Taxonomic source(s)
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IUCN Red list criteria met and history
Red List criteria met
Critically Endangered Endangered Vulnerable
- - -

Red List history
Year Category Criteria
2016 Least Concern
2012 Least Concern
2009 Least Concern
2008 Least Concern
2004 Least Concern
2000 Lower Risk/Least Concern
1994 Lower Risk/Least Concern
1988 Lower Risk/Least Concern
Species attributes

Migratory status full migrant Forest dependency Low
Land mass type Average mass 48 g

Estimate Data quality
Extent of Occurrence breeding/resident (km2) 47,200,000 medium
Extent of Occurrence non-breeding (km2) 141,000,000 medium
Number of locations -
Severely Fragmented -
Population and trend
Value Data quality Derivation Year of estimate
No. of mature individuals poor estimated 2012
Population trend Decreasing suspected -
Decline (3 years/1 generation past) - - -
Decline (5 years/1 generation past) - - -
Decline (10 years/1 generation past) - - -
Decline (10 years/3 generation future) - - -
Decline (10 years/3 generation past and future) - - -
Number of subpopulations - - -
Percentage in largest subpopulation - - -
Generation length (yrs) 6.8 - - -

Population justification: The global population is estimated to number c.2,600,000-3,200,000 individuals (Wetlands International 2015). The European population is estimated at 794,000-1,460,000 pairs, which equates to 1,590,000-2,920,000 mature individuals (BirdLife International 2015). National population estimates include: c.10,000-100,000 breeding pairs, c.1,000-10,000 individuals on migration and c.1,000-10,000 wintering individuals in China; c.1,000-10,000 individuals on migration and c.1,000-10,000 wintering individuals in Taiwan; c.100-10,000 breeding pairs, c.1,000-10,000 individuals on migration and c.50-1,000 wintering individuals in Korea; c.100-10,000 breeding pairs, c.1,000-10,000 individuals on migration and c.1,000-10,000 wintering individuals in Japan and c.10,000-1 million breeding pairs and >c.1,000 individuals on migration in Russia (Brazil 2009).

Trend justification: The overall population trend is decreasing, although some populations may be stable and others have unknown trends (Wetlands International 2015). The European population declined moderately between 1980 and 2013 (EBCC 2015).

Country/territory distribution
Country/Territory Occurrence status Presence Resident Breeding Non-breeding Passage
Afghanistan N Extant Yes
Albania N Extant Yes
Algeria N Extant
Andorra N Extant
Angola N Extant
Armenia N Extant Yes
Australia N Extant
Austria N Extant Yes
Azerbaijan N Extant Yes
Bahrain N Extant Yes Yes
Bangladesh N Extant
Belarus N Extant Yes
Belgium N Extant Yes
Benin N Extant
Bhutan N Extant
Bosnia and Herzegovina N Extant Yes
Botswana N Extant
British Indian Ocean Territory N Extant
Brunei N Extant
Bulgaria N Extant Yes
Burkina Faso N Extant
Burundi N Extant
Cambodia N Extant
Cameroon N Extant
Cape Verde N Extant
Central African Republic N Extant
Chad N Extant
China (mainland) N Extant
Christmas Island (to Australia) N Extant
Cocos (Keeling) Islands (to Australia) N Extant
Comoros N Extant
Congo N Extant
Congo, The Democratic Republic of the N Extant
Côte d'Ivoire N Extant
Croatia N Extant Yes
Cyprus N Extant Yes
Czechia N Extant Yes
Denmark N Extant Yes Yes
Djibouti N Extant
Egypt N Extant
Equatorial Guinea N Extant
Eritrea N Extant
Estonia N Extant Yes
Eswatini N Extant
Ethiopia N Extant
Faroe Islands (to Denmark) V Extant
Fiji V Extant Yes
Finland N Extant Yes Yes
France N Extant Yes Yes
French Southern Territories V Extant
Gabon N Extant
Gambia N Extant
Georgia N Extant Yes
Germany N Extant Yes Yes
Ghana N Extant
Gibraltar (to UK) N Extant Yes
Greece N Extant Yes Yes
Guam (to USA) N Extant Yes
Guinea N Extant
Guinea-Bissau N Extant
Hong Kong (China) N Extant
Hungary N Extant Yes
Iceland V Extant
India N Extant
Indonesia N Extant
Iran, Islamic Republic of N Extant Yes Yes
Iraq N Extant Yes Yes
Ireland N Extant Yes
Israel N Extant
Italy N Extant Yes Yes
Japan N Extant
Jordan N Extant Yes
Kazakhstan N Extant Yes
Kenya N Extant
Kiribati V Extant
Kuwait N Extant Yes Yes
Kyrgyzstan N Extant Yes
Laos N Extant
Latvia N Extant Yes
Lebanon N Extant Yes Yes
Lesotho N Extant
Liberia N Extant
Libya N Extant
Liechtenstein N Extant Yes
Lithuania N Extant Yes
Luxembourg N Extant
Macao (China) N Extant
Madagascar N Extant
Malawi N Extant
Malaysia N Extant
Maldives N Extant
Mali N Extant
Malta N Extant
Mauritania N Extant
Mauritius N Extant
Mayotte (to France) N Extant
Micronesia, Federated States of N Extant Yes
Moldova N Extant Yes
Mongolia N Extant Yes
Montenegro N Extant Yes
Morocco N Extant
Mozambique N Extant
Myanmar N Extant
Namibia N Extant
Nepal N Extant
Netherlands N Extant Yes
New Caledonia (to France) N Extant
New Zealand V Extant
Niger N Extant
Nigeria N Extant
North Korea N Extant Yes
North Macedonia N Extant Yes
Northern Mariana Islands (to USA) N Extant Yes
Norway N Extant Yes Yes
Oman N Extant Yes Yes
Pakistan N Extant
Palau N Extant Yes
Palestine N Extant Yes Yes
Papua New Guinea N Extant
Philippines N Extant
Poland N Extant Yes Yes
Portugal N Extant Yes
Qatar N Extant Yes Yes
Réunion (to France) N Extant
Romania N Extant Yes Yes
Russia N Extant Yes Yes
Russia (Asian) N Extant Yes
Russia (Central Asian) N Extant Yes
Russia (European) N Extant Yes Yes
Rwanda N Extant
Samoa V Extant
São Tomé e Príncipe N Extant
Saudi Arabia N Extant Yes Yes
Senegal N Extant
Serbia N Extant Yes
Seychelles N Extant
Sierra Leone N Extant
Singapore N Extant
Slovakia N Extant Yes
Slovenia N Extant Yes
Solomon Islands N Extant
Somalia N Extant
South Africa N Extant
South Korea N Extant
South Sudan N Extant Yes
Spain N Extant Yes
Sri Lanka N Extant
Sudan N Extant
Sweden N Extant Yes Yes
Switzerland N Extant Yes
Syria N Extant Yes Yes
Taiwan, China N Extant
Tajikistan N Extant Yes
Tanzania N Extant
Thailand N Extant
Timor-Leste N Extant Yes Yes
Togo N Extant
Tunisia N Extant
Turkey N Extant Yes
Turkmenistan N Extant Yes
Uganda N Extant
Ukraine N Extant Yes Yes
United Arab Emirates N Extant Yes Yes
United Kingdom N Extant Yes Yes
USA V Extant Yes
Uzbekistan N Extant Yes
Vanuatu N Extant
Vietnam N Extant
Western Sahara N Extant
Yemen N Extant Yes Yes
Zambia N Extant
Zimbabwe N Extant

Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas (IBA)
Country/Territory IBA Name
Belarus Mid Prypiac'
Belarus Lower Pripyat
Belarus Al'manskija baloty
Lithuania Islauzas fish-ponds
Romania Satchinez marsh
Romania Lake Techirghiol
Romania Rotbav fish-ponds
Romania Cefa fish-ponds and Radvani wood
Romania Stânca lake - Costeşti
Sweden Lake Laidaure
Sweden Lake Tämnaren
Sweden Archipelago of Stockholm
Poland Lower Bug river valley
Poland Liwiec river valley
Poland Middle Vistula River Valley
Poland Nysa reservoir
Poland Tuchola Forest
Poland Goplo Lake Site
Poland Turawa reservoir
Poland Middle Bug river valley
Poland Przemysl Plateau
Poland Pisz forest
Poland Middle Warta River Valley
Poland Starzawa ponds
Poland Tatra mountains
Poland Slupia River Valley
Poland Gorce mountains
Poland Marshy valley of the Drweca river
Greece River Axios
Greece Axios, Loudias and Aliakmonas rivers' deltas
Greece Mesolongi and Aitoliko lagoons, Acheloos delta and Evinos estuary
Greece Divari Pylou (Gialova) lagoon and Sfaktiria island
Greece Lakes Chortarolimni and Alyki, Moudros gulf, Diapori fen and Fakos peninsula, Limnos
Greece Mounts Orliakas and Tsourgiakas
Greece Nisyros island and surrounding islets
Greece Lake Stymfalia
Greece Dionysades islets, Crete
Greece Aliakmonas gorge
Greece Kalamaki gorge and Zarkou mountains
Greece Apsalos and Moglenitsa gorges
Greece Kato Olympos, Tempi gorge and mount Ossa
Greece Filiouri valley and eastern Rodopi mountains
Greece Kompsatos valley
Greece Pineios delta
Greece Megalo and Mikro Livari lagoons, Istiaia
Greece Lake Kourna, Almyros delta and Georgioupolis coast, Crete
Greece Prespa National Park and Varnountas mountains
Greece Reservoirs of former lake Karla
Greece Southwestern Lesvos and Petrified forest
Greece Gera gulf, Ntipi and Charamida marshes, Lesvos
Greece Paros and Antiparos islands and surrounding islets
Greece Mount Itamos
Greece Acherontas gorge and estuary
Greece Amvrakikos gulf
Greece Nea Fokaia marshes
Greece Kalloni Gulf, Lesvos
Greece Spercheios valley and delta and Maliakos gulf
Greece Lake Kerkini
Greece Lake Ismarida (Mitrikou)
Greece Lakes Cheimaditis and Zazari
Greece Porto Lagos, lake Vistonida and coastal lagoons
Greece Nestos delta and coastal lagoons
Greece Nestos gorge
Greece Lakes Vegoritis and Petron
Greece Lake Kastoria
Greece Mount Grammos
Greece Kalogria lagoon, Strofylia forest and Lamia marshes
Finland Mietoistenlahti bay
Finland Korppoo and Nauvo southern archipelago
Finland Oura and Enskeri archipelagos
Finland Köyliönjärvi and Pyhäjärvi lakes
Finland Puurijärvi-Isosuo wetlands
Finland Rauma and Luvia archipelagos
Finland Koskeljärvi, Vaaljärvi and Pitkäjärvi lakes
Finland Pori archipelago and wetlands
Finland Kirkkonummi archipelago
Finland Hanko western archipelago
Finland Porvoo outer archipelago
Finland Porvoonjoki Delta
Finland Pernaja outer archipelago
Finland Kirkon-Vilkkiläntura Bay
Finland Itäinen Suomenlahti National Park
Finland Siikalahti bay and Sammallampi lake
Finland Hollola wetlands
Finland Linnansaari
Finland Keski-Kallavesi and Kuhanen Lake
Finland Maaninka wetlands
Finland Päätyeenlahti bay
Finland Outokumpu wetlands
Finland Värtsilä valley
Finland Lapväärti wetlands
Finland Kristiinankaupunki southern archipelago
Finland Merenkurkku archipelago
Finland Sundominlahti Bay and Söderfjärden
Finland Kokkola and Kälviä archipelago
Finland Rahja archipelago
Finland Rummelö-Harrbodan
Finland Ahmasjärvi lake
Finland Litokaira
Finland Valtavaara-Pyhävaara
Finland Olvassuo-Oravisuo-Näätäsuo-Sammakkosuo
Finland Haapavesi wetlands
Finland Närängänvaara-Virmajoki-Romevaara
Finland Oulanka-Sukerijärvi
Finland Elimyssalo
Finland Kemihaara (Vuotos) mires and forests
Finland Pöyrisvuoma mire protection area
Finland Kevo
Finland Värriö-Tuntsa
Finland Pomokaira-Koitelaiskaira
Finland Saariselkä and Koilliskaira
Finland Lemmenjoki-Hammastunturi-Pulju
Finland Käsivarsi fjelds
Russia (European) Zaonezh'ye
Russia (European) Flood-plain of Kostroma river
Spain Janubio saltpans
Spain Coast between Arinaga and Castillo del Romeral
Ukraine Syvash Bay
Ukraine Petropavlivs'kyj lyman
Ukraine Lyman lake
France Vallée du Rhin : Village-neuf à Biescheim
France Vallée du Rhin : Strasbourg à Lauterbourg
France Val d'Allier Bourbonnais
France Sologne Bourbonnaise
France Bassin d'Arcachon et Banc d'Arguin
France Barrage d'Artix et Saligue du Gave de Pau
France Domaine d'Orx
France Baie des Veys et Marais du Cotentin
France Estuaires du Trieux et du Jaudy
France Rade de Brest: Baie de Daoulas et Anse du Poulmic
France Marais de la Baie d'Audierne
France Baies de Morlaix et de Carantec
France Golfe du Morbihan et Etier de Penerf
France Rade de Lorient
France Lacs de la Forêt d'Orient
France Lac du Der-Chantecoq et étangs latéraux
France Vallée de la Loire : environs de Blois
France Brenne centrale
France Vallée de la Loire : environs de Montlouis-sur-Loire
France Lac de Rillé et forêts voisines
France Vallée de la Loire : Orléanais
France Etang d'Urbino et zones humides périphériques
France Vallée de la Saône de Corre à Broye
France Basse Vallée du Doubs : Dole Sud
France Estuaire et embouchure de la Seine
France Etangs de Leucate et Lapalme
France Etangs Narbonnais
France Etangs Montpellierains
France Etangs de Vendres, Pissevache et Lespignan
France Etangs de Canet et de Villeneuve-de-la-Raho et embouchure du Tech
France Camargue
France Salins d'Hyères et de Pesquiers
France Etangs de Citis, Lavalduc, Engrenier, Pourra, l'Estomac, Fos et salines de Rassuen et de Fos
France Vallée de la Durance : de Tallard à Sisteron
France Ile d'Oléron, marais de Brouage-Saint-Agnant
France Anse du Fiers d'Ars en Ré
France Traicts et marais salants de la Presqu'île Guérandaise
France Estuaire de la Loire
France Marais et forêt d'Olonne
France Vallée de la Loire : de Nantes à Montsoreau
France Marais poitevin et baie de l'Aiguillon
France Val de Saône
France Val de Drôme: Les Ramières-printegarde
France Iles du Haut-Rhône
France Plaine du Forez
France Lac Léman (partie française)
France Lac et marais du Bourget
France Val d'Allier : Saint-Yorre-Joze
France Vallée du Rhin : Marckolsheim à Strasbourg
France Vallée de la Loire: Pit majeur d'Iguerande à Décize
France Arjuzanx
France Mars sur Allier
France Vallée de la Loire : La Charité-sur-Loire
France Vallée de la Meuse
France Forêts de Thiérache : Trelon, Fourmies, Hirson et St-Michel
France Haut Giffre
France Vallée de la Loire : confluence Loire-Vienne
France Basse vallée de L'Indre
France Marais de Balançon et de Villiers
France Cap Gris-nez
France Etangs et marais du bassin de la Somme
France Marais de Sacy
France Vallée de l'Oise de Thourotte à Vendeuil
France Marais de la Souche
France Estuaires picards : baies de Somme et d'Authie
France Lac de Grand-Lieu
France Ile de la Platière
United Kingdom Arun Valley
United Kingdom Chichester and Langstone Harbours
United Kingdom Dee Estuary
United Kingdom Exe Estuary
United Kingdom Lewis Peatlands
United Kingdom Loch Ruthven
United Kingdom Medway Estuary and Marshes
United Kingdom Monadhliath
United Kingdom Morecambe Bay
United Kingdom North Harris Mountains
United Kingdom Northumbria Coast
United Kingdom Pettigoe Plateau
United Kingdom Poole Harbour
United Kingdom Rinns of Islay
United Kingdom Severn Estuary
United Kingdom South-west London Waterbodies
United Kingdom Solent Marshes and Southampton Water
United Kingdom Tamar Estuaries Complex
United Kingdom Taw and Torridge Estuary
United Kingdom Teesmouth and Cleveland Coast
United Kingdom Thames Estuary and Marshes
United Kingdom Antrim Hills
United Kingdom Forest of Clunie
Italy Pian di Spagna and Lake Mezzola
Italy River Po: from the mouth of Adda river to Ostiglia
Italy Brabbia peatland, Lake Varese and Lake Biandronno
Italy Piave river
Italy Punte Alberete and Valle della Canna, Pineta San Vitale and Pialassa della Baiona
Czechia Doupov hills
Sweden Bay of Torslanda
Serbia Subotica lakes and sandy terrain
Serbia Tara mountain
Serbia Ovcar-Kablar gorge
Norway Lista wetland system
Austria March/Thaya riverine forest
Austria Riverine forests on the Danube east of Vienna
Austria Wachau
Austria Niederösterreichische Randalpen
Austria Ötscher-Dürrenstein
Austria Machland
Austria Northern Kalkalpen
Austria Lower course of the Traun
Austria Salzach valley
Austria Storage lakes on the lower Inn
Austria Lower Mur valley
Austria Styrian Enns valley
Austria Niedere Tauern
Austria Lower valley of the Gail
Austria Tyrolian Lech valley
Austria Delta of the Rhine
Austria Styrian Joglland
Poland Lower Vistula River Valley
Germany Ponds and Elbe valley near Torgau
Germany Rhön Biosphere Reserve
Germany Drömling (Niedersachsen)
Germany Plothen ponds
Germany Helme reservoir Berga-Kelbra
Germany Barnbruch
Germany Saale-Elster valley
Germany Lower Inn: Haiming - Neuhaus including the Neuhaus, Egglfing, Ering, and Simbach reservoirs
Germany Ammergau mountains
Germany Karwendel and Karwendel foothills
Germany Main valley: Eltmann - Hassfurt
Germany Main valley near Volkach: Fahr-Dettelbach
Germany Vogelfreistätte Alter and Neuer See
Germany Chiemsee and Chiemseemoore
Germany Altmühl valley between Treuchtlingen and Leutershausen with Altmühlsee
Germany Ammersee
Germany Spreewald
Germany Wahner Heide
Germany Lech-Donau-Winkel: Lechstausee Feldheim and Donaustausee Bertoldsheim
Germany Danube valley: Regensburg-Vilshofen
Germany Danube valley: Neu-Ulm - Lauingen incl. Faiminger Stausee, Donau-Moos, and Gundelfinger Moos
Germany Döberitzer Heide
Germany Bayerischer Wald National Park with Arber region and Hohem Bogen
Germany Vogelfreistätte Mittlere Isar-Stauseen
Germany Bliesgau
Germany Wagbach lowlands
Germany Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea National Park
Germany Neustädter Bucht
Germany Emsaue (Rietberger Emsniederung - Steinhorster Becken)
Germany Lower Rhine
Germany Bogs and heathlands of the Westmünsterland
Germany Oppenweher Moor
Germany Möhnesee
Germany Engerhafer Meede
Germany Kleinringer and Großringer Wösten
Germany Lowlands of middle Havel
Germany Deichvorland Oderbruch
Germany Lower Elbe valley
Germany Reservoir near Affoldern
Germany Twiste reservior
Germany Rheinaue Bingen-Ingelheim
Germany Hessian Rhine alluvion
Germany Jagst and adjoining valleys
Germany Enz valley Mühlhausen - Roßwag
Croatia Neretva Delta
Russia (Asian) Forty islands
Belarus Liebiadziny Moch
Azerbaijan Yashma Island
Russia (Central Asian) Rocky outcrops of river Uj
Russia (Central Asian) Ir valley
Russia (Central Asian) Kazanskaya flood-plain of the Ishim river
Bulgaria Atanasovsko Lake
Bulgaria Kaliakra
Bulgaria Kresna Gorge
Bulgaria Galata
Bulgaria Vrachanski Balkan
Bulgaria Rila
Bulgaria Ludogorie
Bulgaria Karlukovski Karst
Bulgaria Dobrostan
Bulgaria Trigrad-Mursalitsa
Bulgaria Vasilyovska Mountain
Bulgaria Zvanichevo Fish-ponds
Bulgaria Hadzi Dimitrovo Fish-ponds
Bulgaria Adata-Tundzha
Bulgaria Nikopolsko Plateau
Bulgaria Zemen Gordge
France Barthes de l'Adour
France Garonne : marais de Bordeaux
France Estuaire de la Bidassoa et Baie de Fontarabie
France Estuaire de l'Orne
France Baie de Saint-Brieuc
France Baie de Vilaine
France Baie de Quiberon
France Baie de Goulven
France Forêt d'Orléans: massifs d'Ingrannes et de Lorris
France Etang de Biguglia
France Boucle de Pose et de Muids
France Vallée de la Garonne : Moissac
France Vallées de la Scarpe et de l'Escaut
France Salines de l'Etang de Berre
France Basse Vallée de la Durance
France Vallée de la Charente : amont d'Angoulême
France Anse de Fouras, baie d'Yves et marais de Rochefort
France Baie de Bourgneuf et marais breton
France La Dombes
France Etang du Bagnas
France Bonne Anse
France Region de Pressac, étang de Combourg
France Haut Val d'Allier
France Gorges de la Sioule
France Vallée de la Loire : gorges de la Loire
France Gorges de la Truyère
France Gorges de la Dordogne
France Parc National des Cévennes
France Parc National de la Vanoise
Russia (European) Sitnikovski Reserve
Iran, Islamic Republic of Lisar Protected Area
Iran, Islamic Republic of Miankaleh Peninsula and Gorgan Bay
Iran, Islamic Republic of Lashgarak and Latian dam
Iran, Islamic Republic of Sarani
Iran, Islamic Republic of Oshtrankuh Protected Area
Iran, Islamic Republic of Chahbahar Bay and Khor Konarak
Oman Al Batinah coast
Oman Quriyat - Daghmar
Oman Ras al Hadd
Oman Barr al Hikman
Oman Masirah island
Oman Duqm
Saudi Arabia King Faisal Airbase, Tabuk
Saudi Arabia Al-Ha'ir
Saudi Arabia Madinat Yanbu al-Sinaiyah
Saudi Arabia Jiddah south corniche and port
Saudi Arabia Wadi Turabah and Jabal Ibrahim
Saudi Arabia Malaki dam
Saudi Arabia Wadi Jawwah
Saudi Arabia Jizan Bay
Saudi Arabia Farasan Islands
United Arab Emirates Ramtha lagoons
Austria Pielachtal
Italy Cividalese and upper Torre valley
Austria Karwendel
Kazakhstan Tuzkol Lake
Kenya Tana River Delta
Croatia Upper Drava River
Croatia Drava Storage Lakes
Finland Lätäseno and Jietajoki mires
Finland Pallas and Ylläs fjelds
Finland Maltio fjelds
Finland Tornionjoki Delta
Finland Juortanansalo
Finland Oulu region wetlands
Finland Kitka lake
Finland Luoto archipelago
Finland Uusikaarlepyy archipelago
Finland Koitajoki area
Finland Patvinsuo National Park
Finland Ruunaa
Finland Kukkiajärvi lake
Finland Kirkkojärvi lake and Lupinlahti bay
Finland Laajalahti bay, Vanhankaupunginlahti bay and Viikki
Finland Nuuksio
Finland Eckerö and Hammarland archipelago
Germany Thülsfeld reservoir
Germany Leine valley Koldingen-Ruthe
Germany Fehntjer Tief
Germany Obersee: Schachener Bucht
Germany Rodachaue / Itzgrund / Oberes Maintal incl. Nassanger near Trieb and surrounding gravel pits
Germany Wittmund-Wangerland
Germany Ahlhorner fishponds
Germany Sewage pond Ida near Othfresen
Germany Rhine flats between mouth of Rench and mouth of Murg
Germany Kinzig- und Schutterniederung between Niederschopfheim and Kehl
Germany Oppenweher Moor
Germany Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea National Park (includes the Halligs, Kniepsand/Amrum, Lister Koog, Rantumbecken, Rickelsb
Germany Middle Fulda valley
Ireland Inishkea Islands
Poland Warta River Mouth
Poland Nielisz Site
Poland Lower Sola River Valley
Poland Lower Skawa River Valley
Poland Lower Wieprz River Valley
Poland Radlow Forest
Poland Swietokrzyskie Vistula River Valley
Slovenia River Drava
Slovenia River Mura
Slovenia Spodnja Sava
Slovenia Srednja Sava
Estonia Kabli
Estonia Kikepera
Estonia Kolga bay
Kazakhstan Sorbulak Lake System
Estonia Agusalu
Estonia Alam-Pedja
Estonia Kõrvemaa
Estonia Kärevere
Estonia Lahemaa
Estonia Lavassaare
Estonia Luitemaa
Estonia Misso
Mauritania Lac d'Aleg
Mauritania Lac de Mâl
Philippines Manila Bay
Philippines Mactan, Kalawisan and Cansaga Bays
Sweden Sjaunja
Sweden Lake Gammelstadsviken
Kazakhstan Kyzylkol Lake
Kazakhstan Ertis Ormany (Shaldai Forest)
Kazakhstan Western and northern foothills of the Kalba Range
Kazakhstan Lesser Aral Sea
Kazakhstan Syrdarya Delta Lakes
Kazakhstan Chingiztau Mountains
Mauritania Aftout es Sâheli
Mauritania Chott Boul
Sweden Western part of Lake Mälaren
Sweden Coastal area of Oskarshamn
South Sudan Sudd (Bahr-el-Jebel system)
Albania Karavasta Lagoon
Albania Narta Lagoon
Albania Drini Delta
Albania Lake Shkodra (Lake Scadar)
Albania Lake Ohrid and surrounding area
Albania Lake Megali Prespa
Albania Velipoja
Albania Vlora Bay, Karaburun Peninsula and Cika mountain
Albania Lake Butrinti
Albania Patoku lagoon
Albania Lalzi Bay

Habitats & altitude
Habitat (level 1) Habitat (level 2) Importance Occurrence
Artificial/Aquatic & Marine Artificial/Aquatic - Canals and Drainage Channels, Ditches suitable non-breeding
Artificial/Aquatic & Marine Artificial/Aquatic - Ponds (below 8ha) suitable breeding
Artificial/Aquatic & Marine Artificial/Aquatic - Ponds (below 8ha) suitable non-breeding
Artificial/Aquatic & Marine Artificial/Aquatic - Wastewater Treatment Areas suitable non-breeding
Artificial/Aquatic & Marine Artificial/Aquatic - Water Storage Areas (over 8ha) suitable non-breeding
Artificial/Terrestrial Rural Gardens suitable non-breeding
Forest Subtropical/Tropical Mangrove Vegetation Above High Tide Level suitable non-breeding
Grassland Temperate suitable breeding
Marine Intertidal Salt Marshes (Emergent Grasses) suitable non-breeding
Marine Intertidal Sandy Shoreline and/or Beaches, Sand Bars, Spits, Etc suitable non-breeding
Marine Intertidal Sandy Shoreline and/or Beaches, Sand Bars, Spits, Etc suitable breeding
Marine Intertidal Shingle and/or Pebble Shoreline and/or Beaches suitable non-breeding
Marine Intertidal Shingle and/or Pebble Shoreline and/or Beaches suitable breeding
Marine Neritic Estuaries suitable non-breeding
Marine Neritic Estuaries suitable breeding
Wetlands (inland) Permanent Freshwater Lakes (over 8ha) suitable breeding
Wetlands (inland) Permanent Freshwater Lakes (over 8ha) suitable non-breeding
Wetlands (inland) Permanent Freshwater Marshes/Pools (under 8ha) suitable non-breeding
Wetlands (inland) Permanent Rivers/Streams/Creeks (includes waterfalls) major breeding
Wetlands (inland) Permanent Rivers/Streams/Creeks (includes waterfalls) suitable non-breeding
Wetlands (inland) Seasonal/Intermittent Freshwater Marshes/Pools (under 8ha) suitable non-breeding
Altitude   Occasional altitudinal limits  

Threats & impact
Threat (level 1) Threat (level 2) Impact and Stresses
Human intrusions & disturbance Recreational activities Timing Scope Severity Impact
Ongoing Minority (<50%) Negligible declines Low Impact: 4
Species disturbance

Recommended citation
BirdLife International (2023) Species factsheet: Actitis hypoleucos. Downloaded from on 30/01/2023. Recommended citation for factsheets for more than one species: BirdLife International (2023) IUCN Red List for birds. Downloaded from on 30/01/2023.