Carriker's Mountain-tanager Dubusia carrikeri


Justification of Red List Category
This species is listed as Endangered because it is thought to have a very small population, which is declining as a result of extensive habitat loss.

Population justification
This species has been described as 'very rare' (T. Donegan in litt. 2016) and the total population size is placed in the band 1,000-2,499 mature individuals.

Trend justification
The species is inferred to be declining as a result of extensive forest loss.

Distribution and population

Dubusia carrikeri is found only in montane forest of the Santa Marta region of northern Colombia, and appears to require large areas of intact forest (Hilty 2016).


This species inhabits montane forest, requiring large tracts of intact forest (Hilty 2016).


Forest in the Santa Marta mountains is threatened by agricultural expansion, logging and burning. Possibly only 15% of the vegetation is unaltered, and much of the forest in certain areas has been cleared for coffee and illegal marijuana plantations, which have been subsequently sprayed with herbicide by the government (Stattersfield et al. 1998). Forest fires as a result of irresponsible ecotourism and climate change may also affect this species (T. Donegan in litt. 2016).

Conservation actions

Conservation Actions UnderwayThe Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is protected by two national designations and is an international Biosphere Reserve (IUCN 1992), but this formal legislation has not conserved the massif's ecosystems effectively. 
Conservation Actions Proposed
Survey its range to better determine its current population and distribution. Research its ecological requirements. Strengthen and improve the conservation measures in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Biosphere Reserve, at least where important populations of this species are found. Work with local communities and regional institutions to identify and prioritise conservation and management strategies (Salazar and Strewe undated).


Text account compilers
Butchart, S., Ekstrom, J. & Westrip, J.

Donegan, T.

Recommended citation
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