Cambodian Laughingthrush Garrulax ferrarius


Justification of Red List Category
This recently split species is listed as Near Threatened because it is thought to have a moderately small population that occupies a very small range, which is not severely fragmented, although both its range and population are likely to be declining, owing to on-going logging and conversion of forest to agriculture.

Population justification
The population is preliminarily estimated to number at least 10,000 mature individuals, roughly equating to 15,000 individuals in total. This requires confirmation.

Trend justification
The species is suspected to be declining at a slow to moderate rate, owing to logging and forest loss for agriculture.

Distribution and population

Garrulax ferrarius has an inexplicably small range in Cardamom mountains, south-west Cambodia. It is often considered scarce to uncommon, but in parts of its range (such as Mount Aural), and perhaps especially at higher elevations, it can be fairly common (J. Eaton in litt. 2007).


It occurs in broadleaved evergreen forest, from 800 to at least 1,250 m. It forages in small groups, often in mixed species foraging aggregations.


Though its tolerance of habitat degradation is poorly known, it is likely to be in decline owing to logging and conversion of forest to agriculture, particularly coffee.

Conservation actions

Conservation Actions Underway
None is known.

Conservation Actions Proposed
Monitor trends in habitat loss. Research its tolerance of degraded habitats. Protect large areas of suitable habitat at key sites, in both strictly protected areas and community managed multiple use areas.


Identification. A brown hood covering the head, throat and upper breast; dark slate-grey upper mantle and lower breast; isolated patches of white on either side of the neck. An extension of the orbital skin around the eye is bluish-white in colour. Similar species. Garrulax milleti which differs from G.ferraruis in colouring; G.ferraruis has a browner hood and darker mantle. White patches on the neck of G.milleti extend in a band from the upper mantle to lower breast. Voice. Rapid maniacal laughter, introduced by a few dry chuck notes.


Text account compilers
Mahood, S., Taylor, J.

Eames, J.C., Eaton, J.

Recommended citation
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