Reunion Rail Dryolimnas augusti

Family: Rallidae (Rails, Gallinules, Coots)

Authority: Mourer-Chauvir√©, Bour, Ribes & Moutou, 1999

Red List Category

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Justification of Red List category
This recently-described, probably flightless rail was likely driven Extinct in the late 17th century as a result of hunting pressure and predation by introduced rats and cats.

Population size: unknown

Population trend:

Country endemic: no

Recommended citation
BirdLife International (2024) Species factsheet: Dryolimnas augusti. Downloaded from https://datazone.birdlife.org/species/factsheet/reunion-rail-dryolimnas-augusti on 01/03/2024.
Recommended citation for factsheets for more than one species: BirdLife International (2024) IUCN Red List for birds. Downloaded from https://datazone.birdlife.org on 01/03/2024.