Black-necked Crane Grus nigricollis

Family: Gruidae (Cranes)

Authority: Przevalski, 1876

Red List Category

Criteria: C1+2a(ii)

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Justification of Red List category
This species is classified as Near Threatened because it has a single small population that is subject to a number of threats that are suspected to be sufficient to cause future declines. It no longer qualifies as Vulnerable as there is no continuing decline. Recent increases in the population have been driven by a reduction in adult mortality through a combination of winter habitat protection and creation, and potentially also a temporary increase in the extent of suitable breeding habitat due to glacial melting.

The species remains Near Threatened as it is plausible that further changes in breeding habitat driven by climate change will reverse the positive recent impact and result in loss of wetlands. In addition there is concern that the impact of existing threats will grow, specifically from feral dogs and human disturbance at breeding sites, and power line collisions and accidental poisoning events during migration and the non-breeding season.

Population size: 6600-6800 mature individuals

Population trend: stable

Extent of occurrence (breeding/resident): 1,790,000 km2

Country endemic: no

Land-mass type - continent
Realm - Indomalayan
Realm - Palearctic
IUCN Ecosystem -- Freshwater biome
IUCN Ecosystem -- Terrestrial biome

Recommended citation
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