The illegal shooting of birds in the European Union

Shot Honey Buzzard ©Vilda photo – Lars Soerink

Under the EU Birds Directive all naturally occurring wild bird species in the territory of the EU are protected. The bird species that can be hunted in the EU are listed in the Birds Directive’s Annex II. The main principle set in the Birds Directive for hunting of selected bird species is that any use of wild birds must comply with the principle of wise and ecologically sustainable use. However, imbalances among law enforcement can create opportunities to fuel criminal activities in other regions. For example, the hunting tourism industry in many Balkan countries that caters particularly to hunters from Italy and Malta help them to avoid strict regulations that are implemented in their home countries.

Being shot with pellets, birds may die immediately or later due to the injury. Larger birds may be lucky, with the pellets getting lodged in the body without causing problems. Illegal shooting is possibly the most widespread method of all illegal killing and can affect all age-groups from eggs to adults.

Ways of illegal shooting includes:

  • Killing of protected species
  • Hunting outside of the open hunting season
  • Hunting on protected areas
  • Exceeding the bag limit
  • Illegal use of firearms: such as with silencers, night vision scope, automatic and semi-automatic guns


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