Building resilient montane landscapes in Uganda is helping people and birds adapt

Echuya forest edge © Chris Magin

NatureUganda (BirdLife in Uganda) is helping communities at the Echuya Forest Reserve adapt to climate change while enhancing forest resilience. Activities include sustainable organic agriculture and agro-forestry to diversify community livelihoods, regulate water flow, and soil erosion, and reduce pressure on the forest. Adaptation plans and regulations have been developed to help to ensure that management of the Echuya landscape is climate-smart. 

Ecosystem-based adaptation will often be the first line of defence against the impacts of climate change for the most vulnerable people. Whilst poor communities are often hit hardest, in many instances they are also the innovators and instigators of practical nature-based solutions that are accessible, cost-effective and locally appropriate.

Through developing guidance, sharing experience and training for ecosystem-based adaptation, project work in Uganda has resulted in the development and implementation of policies that will increase the resilience of local communities to climate change, whilst also benefitting nature. NatureUganda (BirdLife in Uganda) worked with communities and the local government do develop five by-laws for water and soil conservation in the Echuya Forest Reserve and Kabale and Kisoro Districts.

The process involved consultations with local government and the involvement of community members in radio talk shows to raise awareness around the need for soil and water conservation to ensure climate resilient development.

This case study is taken from ‘The Messengers: What birds tell us about threats from climate change and solutions for nature and people’. To download the report in full click here.


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