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Number of sites 279
Country/Territory Site name IBA Criteria Final Code
Antarctica Adélie Cove A4iii AQ177
Antarctica Amanda Bay A4ii, A4iii AQ128
Antarctica Ambush Bay, Joinville Island A4iii AQ061
Antarctica Andersen Island A4iii AQ123
Antarctica Antarctica - Clarence Island Marine A1, A4ii
Antarctica Antarctica Marine 1 A4
Antarctica Antarctica Marine 10 A4
Antarctica Antarctica Marine 11 A4
Antarctica Antarctica Marine 12 A4
Antarctica Antarctica Marine 13 A4
Antarctica Antarctica Marine 14 A4
Antarctica Antarctica Marine 15 A4
Antarctica Antarctica Marine 16 A4
Antarctica Antarctica Marine 17 A4
Antarctica Antarctica Marine 18 A4
Antarctica Antarctica Marine 19 A4
Antarctica Antarctica Marine 2 A4
Antarctica Antarctica Marine 20 A4
Antarctica Antarctica Marine 21 A4
Antarctica Antarctica Marine 22 A4
Antarctica Antarctica Marine 23 A4
Antarctica Antarctica Marine 24 A4
Antarctica Antarctica Marine 25 A4
Antarctica Antarctica Marine 26 A4
Antarctica Antarctica Marine 27 A4
Antarctica Antarctica Marine 28 A4
Antarctica Antarctica Marine 29 A4
Antarctica Antarctica Marine 3 A4
Antarctica Antarctica Marine 30 A4
Antarctica Antarctica Marine 31 A4
Antarctica Antarctica Marine 32 A4
Antarctica Antarctica Marine 33 A4
Antarctica Antarctica Marine 34 A4
Antarctica Antarctica Marine 35 A4
Antarctica Antarctica Marine 36 A4
Antarctica Antarctica Marine 37 A4
Antarctica Antarctica Marine 38 A4
Antarctica Antarctica Marine 39 A4
Antarctica Antarctica Marine 4 A4
Antarctica Antarctica Marine 40 A4
Antarctica Antarctica Marine 41 A4
Antarctica Antarctica Marine 42 A4
Antarctica Antarctica Marine 43 A4
Antarctica Antarctica Marine 44 A4
Antarctica Antarctica Marine 45 A4
Antarctica Antarctica Marine 46 A4
Antarctica Antarctica Marine 47 A4
Antarctica Antarctica Marine 48 A4
Antarctica Antarctica Marine 49 A4
Antarctica Antarctica Marine 5 A4
Antarctica Antarctica Marine 50 A4
Antarctica Antarctica Marine 51 A4
Antarctica Antarctica Marine 52 A4
Antarctica Antarctica Marine 53 A4
Antarctica Antarctica Marine 54 A4
Antarctica Antarctica Marine 55 A4
Antarctica Antarctica Marine 56 A4
Antarctica Antarctica Marine 57 A4
Antarctica Antarctica Marine 58 A4
Antarctica Antarctica Marine 59 A4
Antarctica Antarctica Marine 6 A4
Antarctica Antarctica Marine 60 A4
Antarctica Antarctica Marine 61 A4
Antarctica Antarctica Marine 62 A4
Antarctica Antarctica Marine 63 A4
Antarctica Antarctica Marine 7 A4
Antarctica Antarctica Marine 8 A4
Antarctica Antarctica Marine 9 A4
Antarctica Ardery Island / Odbert Island A4iii AQ145
Antarctica Ardley Island, King George Island A4ii AQ048
Antarctica Armstrong Reef A4i AQ093
Antarctica Arthurson Ridge A4iii AQ162
Antarctica Aspland Island / Eadie Island A4ii, A4iii AQ035
Antarctica Atka Iceport A4ii AQ109
Antarctica Atlantic, Antarctic 10 - Marine A1, A4ii
Antarctica Atlantic, Antarctic 11 - Marine A1, A4ii
Antarctica Atlantic, Antarctic 12 - Marine A1
Antarctica Atlantic, Antarctic 13 - Marine A1
Antarctica Atlantic, Antarctic 14 - Marine A1
Antarctica Atriceps Island, Robertson Islands A4i AQ016
Antarctica Auster Rookery A4ii AQ125
Antarctica Avian Island A4i, A4ii, A4iii AQ095
Antarctica Baily Head, Deception Island A4ii, A4iii AQ055
Antarctica Barnard Point, Livingston Island A4iii AQ053
Antarctica Beaufort Island A4ii, A4iii AQ188
Antarctica Berkley Island / Cameron Island A4iii AQ148
Antarctica Berkner Island northwest (Gould Bay) A4ii AQ101
Antarctica Bernacchi Head, Franklin Island A4ii AQ189
Antarctica Blue Glacier to Cape Chocolate A4ii AQ182
Antarctica Bluff Island A4i AQ082
Antarctica Brash Island, Danger Islands A4iii AQ063
Antarctica Brown Bluff A4iii AQ073
Antarctica Brownson Islands A4ii, A4iii AQ198
Antarctica Brunt Ice Shelf (Halley Bay) A4ii, A4iii AQ105
Antarctica Buchanan Point, Laurie Island A4iii AQ009
Antarctica Byers Peninsula, Livingston Island A4i AQ054
Antarctica Cape Adare A4ii, A4iii AQ165
Antarctica Cape Batterbee A4iii AQ117
Antarctica Cape Bienvenue A4iii AQ151
Antarctica Cape Bowles, Clarence Island A4ii, A4iii AQ025
Antarctica Cape Colbeck A4ii AQ191
Antarctica Cape Crozier, Ross Island A4ii, A4iii AQ187
Antarctica Cape Darnley A4ii, A4iii AQ127
Antarctica Cape Denison A4iii AQ157
Antarctica Cape Evensen A4i AQ094
Antarctica Cape Garry, Low Island A4ii, A4iii AQ059
Antarctica Cape Hooker, Low Island A4iii AQ058
Antarctica Cape Hunter A4iii AQ155
Antarctica Cape Jules A4ii, A4iii AQ152
Antarctica Cape Main, Coulman Island A4iii AQ174
Antarctica Cape Pigeon Rocks A4iii AQ159
Antarctica Cape Robertson, Laurie Island A4iii AQ014
Antarctica Cape Roget A4ii AQ169
Antarctica Cape Wadworth, Coulman Island A4ii, A4iii AQ173
Antarctica Cape Wallace, Low Island A4ii, A4iii AQ057
Antarctica Cape Washington A4ii, A4iii AQ176
Antarctica Cape Whitson, Laurie Island A4iii AQ011
Antarctica Cape Wollaston, Trinity Island A4ii, A4iii AQ079
Antarctica Caro Island, Rauer Islands A4iii AQ129
Antarctica Caughley Beach, Cape Bird A4ii, A4iii AQ186
Antarctica Chinstrap Cove, Clarence Island A4iii AQ027
Antarctica Cierva Point and offshore islands A4ii AQ081
Antarctica Clark Peninsula A4iii AQ147
Antarctica Coalseam Cliffs / Mount Faraway A4iii AQ102
Antarctica Cockburn Island A4i, A4iii AQ071
Antarctica Cormorant Island A4i AQ085
Antarctica Cotter Cliffs A4ii, A4iii AQ171
Antarctica Craggy Point, Clarence Island A1, A4ii, A4iii AQ026
Antarctica Curzon Islands A4iii AQ154
Antarctica Cuverville Island A4ii AQ083
Antarctica D’Urville Monument, Joinville Island A4iii AQ067
Antarctica Dailey Islands A4ii AQ183
Antarctica Danger Islands A4ii, A4iii AQ062
Antarctica Dawson-Lambton Glacier A4ii AQ104
Antarctica Depot Island A4ii AQ179
Antarctica Devil Island A4iii AQ072
Antarctica Dibble Glacier A4ii AQ149
Antarctica Downshire Cliffs A4iii AQ166
Antarctica Drescher Inlet (Dreschereisfrontkerbe) A4ii AQ107
Antarctica Duke of York Island A4iii AQ164
Antarctica Dunlop Island A4ii AQ181
Antarctica Duroch Islands A4iii AQ076
Antarctica Earle Island, Danger Islands A4iii AQ064
Antarctica Eastern Litwin Bay, King George Island A4iii AQ037
Antarctica Eden Rocks A4ii, A4iii AQ065
Antarctica Edmonson Point A4ii AQ175
Antarctica Edwards Islands A4ii, A4iii AQ199
Antarctica Eillium Island A4iii AQ003
Antarctica Emperor Island, Dion Islands A4i AQ097
Antarctica False Round Point, King George Island A4ii, A4iii AQ042
Antarctica Ferguslie Peninsula, Laurie Island A4iii AQ006
Antarctica Ferrier Peninsula / Graptolite Island A4ii, A4iii AQ010
Antarctica Filla Island, Rauer Islands A4iii AQ131
Antarctica Foyn Island A4iii AQ168
Antarctica Franklin Island southwest A4ii, A4iii AQ190
Antarctica Fraser Point, Laurie Island A4iii AQ008
Antarctica Gardner Island A4iii AQ135
Antarctica Gibbney Island A4iii AQ120
Antarctica Gibbon Bay, Coronation Island A4iii AQ002
Antarctica Gibbs Island A1, A4ii, A4iii AQ034
Antarctica Ginger Islands A4i AQ096
Antarctica Gosling Islands A4iii AQ021
Antarctica Gourdin Island A4iii AQ075
Antarctica Gregory Island A4ii AQ180
Antarctica Gruber Mountains A4iii AQ113
Antarctica Half Moon Island A4ii AQ052
Antarctica Harmony Point, Nelson Island A4ii, A4iii AQ049
Antarctica Haswell Island A4ii, A4iii AQ141
Antarctica Heywood Island A4ii, A4iii AQ050
Antarctica Holl Island / O’Connor Island A4iii AQ144
Antarctica Hop Island, Rauer Islands A4ii, A4iii AQ130
Antarctica Hope Bay A4ii, A4iii AQ074
Antarctica Hummer Point, Bear Peninsula A4ii AQ197
Antarctica Île des Manchots / Empereur Island A4iii AQ153
Antarctica Inaccessible Islands A4ii, A4iii AQ023
Antarctica Indian Ocean, Antarctic and Southern 38 - Marine A1, A4ii
Antarctica Indian Ocean, Antarctic and Southern 45 - Marine A1, A4ii
Antarctica Indian Ocean, Antarctic and Southern 46 - Marine A1, A4ii
Antarctica Inexpressible Island A4ii, A4iii AQ178
Antarctica Island north of Dodman Island A4i AQ092
Antarctica Islet east of Guépratte Island A4i AQ084
Antarctica Islet south of Bates Island A4i AQ091
Antarctica Islet southwest of Cape Davidson, Laurie Island A4i AQ013
Antarctica Jameson Point, Low Island A4iii AQ060
Antarctica Joubin Islands A4i AQ087
Antarctica Jutulsessen Mountain A4ii, A4iii AQ111
Antarctica Kartografov Island / Mount Archer A4iii AQ161
Antarctica Kazak Island / Zolotov Island A4iii AQ132
Antarctica Kellick Island, King George Island A4iii AQ039
Antarctica Kirton Island / Macklin Island A4iii AQ124
Antarctica Kloa Point A4ii AQ118
Antarctica Klung Island / Welch Island A4iii AQ122
Antarctica Lagotellerie Island A4i, A4ii AQ098
Antarctica Larsen Islands / Moreton Point A4ii, A4iii AQ001
Antarctica Lindsey Islands A4ii, A4iii AQ201
Antarctica Litchfield Island A4ii AQ086
Antarctica Lucas Island A4iii AQ137
Antarctica Luitpold Coast A4ii AQ103
Antarctica MacKellar Islands A4ii, A4iii AQ156
Antarctica Madder Cliffs, Joinville Island A4iii AQ068
Antarctica Magnetic Island and nearby islands A4iii AQ136
Antarctica Maher Island A4iii AQ195
Antarctica Mandible Cirque A4iii AQ172
Antarctica Mathewson Point, Shepard Island A4iii AQ194
Antarctica McDonald Beach, Cape Bird A4ii, A4iii AQ185
Antarctica Mertz Glacier A4ii AQ160
Antarctica Milosz Point / Czeslaw Point, King George Island A4iii AQ043
Antarctica Moe Island A4iii AQ020
Antarctica Mount Biscoe A4iii AQ116
Antarctica Mount Elder, Elephant Island A4iii AQ031
Antarctica Mount Paterson A4iii AQ192
Antarctica Muskegbukta A4ii AQ110
Antarctica North Foreland, King George Island A4iii AQ044
Antarctica O’Brien Island A4iii AQ036
Antarctica Owen Island, King George Island A4iii AQ040
Antarctica Pacific, Antarctic 1 - Marine A1
Antarctica Pacific, Antarctic 2 - Marine A1
Antarctica Paulet Island A4i, A4ii, A4iii AQ066
Antarctica Pearl Rocks A4i AQ078
Antarctica Penguin Point, Seymour Island A4iii AQ070
Antarctica Petermann Island A4ii AQ089
Antarctica Peterson Island A4iii AQ143
Antarctica Pirie Peninsula, Laurie Island A4i, A4iii AQ005
Antarctica Point Hennequin, King George Island A4ii AQ045
Antarctica Point Martin, Laurie Island A4iii AQ012
Antarctica Point W of Cape Lookout, Elephant Island A4iii AQ032
Antarctica Point W of Walker Point, Elephant Island A4iii AQ030
Antarctica Pointe Géologie A4ii, A4iii AQ150
Antarctica Possession Island A4ii, A4iii AQ167
Antarctica Potter Peninsula, King George Island A4ii AQ047
Antarctica Pottinger Point, King George Island A4ii, A4iii AQ041
Antarctica Princess Ragnhild Coast A4ii AQ114
Antarctica Return Point / Cheal Point, Coronation Island A4ii, A4iii AQ022
Antarctica Riiser-Larsen Ice Shelf A4ii AQ108
Antarctica Riiser-Larsen Peninsula A4ii AQ115
Antarctica Robertson Islands A4ii, A4iii AQ017
Antarctica Rocky Point, Ross Island A4ii AQ184
Antarctica Rookery Islands A4ii, A4iii AQ121
Antarctica Rookery Lake / W Long Peninsula A4ii, A4iii AQ138
Antarctica Rosenthal Islands A4 AQ088
Antarctica Ryder Bay Islands A4ii AQ205
Antarctica Saddleback Point, Elephant Island A4iii AQ029
Antarctica Schaefer Islands A4iii AQ200
Antarctica Scorseby Head, Smyley Island A4ii AQ204
Antarctica Scullin Monolith / Murray Monolith A4ii, A4iii AQ126
Antarctica Seabee Hook, Cape Hallett A4ii, A4iii AQ170
Antarctica Seal Islands A4iii AQ028
Antarctica Shackleton Ice Shelf A4ii AQ142
Antarctica Shingle Cove A4iii AQ018
Antarctica Shirley Island / Beall Island A4iii AQ146
Antarctica Signy Island A4i, A4ii, A4iii AQ019
Antarctica Sikorski Glacier, Noville Peninsula A4ii AQ202
Antarctica Sims Island A4iii AQ203
Antarctica Smith Peninsula A4ii AQ100
Antarctica Snow Hill Island A4ii AQ069
Antarctica Southern Powell Island and adjacent islands A4i, A4ii, A4iii AQ015
Antarctica Stancomb-Wills Glacier A4ii AQ106
Antarctica Stinker Point, Elephant Island A4iii AQ033
Antarctica Stonington Island A4i AQ099
Antarctica Sturge Island A4ii, A4iii AQ163
Antarctica Sugarloaf Island, Clarence Island A4ii, A4iii AQ024
Antarctica Svarthamaren A4ii, A4iii AQ112
Antarctica Tartar Island, King George Island A4iii AQ038
Antarctica Taylor Rookery A4ii AQ119
Antarctica Thurston Glacier A4ii AQ196
Antarctica Trinity Island southwest A4i AQ080
Antarctica Tryne Islands A4iii AQ139
Antarctica Tupinier Islands A4iii AQ077
Antarctica Unnamed island at Donskiye Islands A4iii AQ133
Antarctica Uruguay Island A4i AQ090
Antarctica Vapour Col, Deception Island A4iii AQ056
Antarctica Warriner Island, Donskiye Islands A4iii AQ134
Antarctica Watson Peninsula, Laurie Island A4iii AQ007
Antarctica Way Archipelago A4ii, A4iii AQ158
Antarctica Weddell Islands A4iii AQ004
Antarctica West Admiralty Bay, King George Island A4ii, A4iii AQ046
Antarctica West Ice Shelf A4ii AQ140
Antarctica Worley Point, Shepard Island A4iii AQ193
Antarctica Yankee Harbour, Greenwich Island A4ii AQ051