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IBA Criteria A3
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Number of sites 46
Country/Territory Site name IBA Criteria Final Code
Ethiopia Abijatta - Shalla Lakes National Park A1, A3, A4i, A4iii ET048
Ethiopia Ankober - Debre Sina escarpment A1, A2, A3 ET018
Ethiopia Arero forest A1, A2, A3 ET065
Ethiopia Awash National Park A1, A2, A3 ET028
Ethiopia Awi Zone A1, A3 ET012
Ethiopia Bahir Dar - Lake Tana A1, A3, A4iii ET007
Ethiopia Bale Mountains National Park A1, A3, A4i ET054
Ethiopia Berga floodplain A1, A3, A4i ET021
Ethiopia Bogol Manyo - Dolo A1, A2, A3 ET068
Ethiopia Bonga forest A3 ET050
Ethiopia Borana-Saynt (Denkoro Forest) A3 ET011
Ethiopia Chilimo-Gaji forest A3 ET026
Ethiopia Choke mountains A1, A3 ET013
Ethiopia Dawa - Wachile A1, A2, A3 ET066
Ethiopia Dessa'a forest A1, A3 ET002
Ethiopia Eastern Hararghe (Harar-Wabi Shebelle) A1, A3 ET070
Ethiopia Entoto Natural Park and escarpment A3 ET023
Ethiopia Finchaa and Chomen swamps A1, A3 ET020
Ethiopia Gambella National Park A1, A3 ET042
Ethiopia Gefersa reservoir A1, A3, A4i ET027
Ethiopia Genale river A1, A2, A3 ET057
Ethiopia Guassa Plateau (Menz) A1, A3, A4i ET014
Ethiopia Gudo plain A1, A3, A4i ET025
Ethiopia Hugumburda and Grat-Kahsu forests A3 ET005
Ethiopia Jemma and Jara valleys A1, A2, A3 ET015
Ethiopia Jibat forest A1, A3 ET036
Ethiopia Konso - Segen A1, A3 ET063
Ethiopia Lake Chew Bahir A1, A3, A4i, A4iii ET067
Ethiopia Liben plains and Negele woodlands A1, A2, A3 ET062
Ethiopia Lower Wabi Shebelle river and Warder A1, A2, A3 ET060
Ethiopia Mago National Park A3 ET059
Ethiopia Mankubsa - Welenso forest A1, A2, A3 ET061
Ethiopia Menagesha State Forest A3 ET031
Ethiopia Metu - Gore - Tepi forests A1, A3 ET046
Ethiopia Mount Zuquala A3 ET038
Ethiopia Mugo highlands A1, A2, A3 ET044
Ethiopia Nechisar National Park and surroundings A1, A2, A3 ET056
Ethiopia Omo National Park A3 ET055
Ethiopia Shire lowlands in the Tekeze valley A3 ET001
Ethiopia Simien Mountains National Park A1, A2, A3 ET003
Ethiopia Sof Omar A1, A3 ET052
Ethiopia Sululta plain A1, A3, A4i ET024
Ethiopia Tiro Boter - Becho forest A1, A3 ET037
Ethiopia Yabello Sanctuary A1, A2, A3 ET064
Ethiopia Yangudi-Rassa National Park A1, A3 ET010
Ethiopia Yegof forest A3 ET009