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IBA Criteria A1
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Number of sites 11
Country/Territory Site name IBA Criteria Final Code
Timor-Leste Areia Branca no Dolok Oan A2 TL14
Timor-Leste Atauro Island A1, A2 TL04
Timor-Leste Fatumasin A1, A2 TL03
Timor-Leste Irabere - Iliomar A1, A2 TL16
Timor-Leste Lore A1, A2 TL06
Timor-Leste Monte Diatuto A1, A2 TL09
Timor-Leste Monte Mak Fahik - Sarim A1, A2 TL12
Timor-Leste Monte Tatamailau A1, A2 TL02
Timor-Leste Mount Paitchau and Lake Iralalaro A1, A2 TL07
Timor-Leste Sungai Klere A1, A2 TL05
Timor-Leste Tilomar A1, A2 TL01