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Number of sites 315
Country/Territory Site name IBA Criteria Final Code
Canada Active Pass A4i CA055
Canada Akimiski Island A4i, A4iii CA293
Canada Akimiski Strait A4i, A4iii CA369
Canada Akpatok Island A4ii, A4iii CA269
Canada Albany River Estuary and Assoc. Coastline A4i, A4iii CA368
Canada Alder Island A4ii, A4iii CA101
Canada Amherst Island A4i CA361
Canada Amphitrite and Swiftsure Banks A4i CA089
Canada Anthony Island A4ii, A4iii CA052
Canada Aylmer Wildlife Management Area A4i CA329
Canada Babbage and Spring River Deltas A4i CA547
Canada Baccalieu Island A4ii, A4iii CA194
Canada Baie de Brador A4iii CA433
Canada Baie de Gaspé A4i, A4iii CA418
Canada Baie des Escoumins et Grandes-Bergeronnes A4i CA448
Canada Baillarge Bay A4iii CA308
Canada Balabas Island A4i CA164
Canada Banks Island Migratory Bird Sanctuary A4i, A4iii CA249
Canada Barber Lake A4i CA517
Canada Barkley Sound A1, A4i, A4iii CA079
Canada Barrage de Beauharnois A4iii CA474
Canada Barre de Portneuf A4i, A4iii CA447
Canada Basin and Middle Lakes A4iii CA529
Canada Basque Islands and Michaud Point A4i CA237
Canada Batture aux Alouettes and mouth of Saguenay River A4i, A4iii CA452
Canada Battures aux Loups Marins A4i, A4iii CA458
Canada Battures de Beauport and chenal de l'île d'Orléans A4i, A4iii CA462
Canada Baynes Sound A4i CA074
Canada Bearhills Lake A4iii CA018
Canada Beaver Lake A4i CA261
Canada Beaverhill Lake A1, A4i, A4iii CA001
Canada Bellshill Lake A4iii CA039
Canada Big Bay south to Delusion Bay A4iii CA096
Canada Big Lake A4i, A4iii CA025
Canada Big Piskwanish Point A4iii CA378
Canada Bigstick Lake Plain A4iii CA512
Canada Bird Islands A4i CA217
Canada Blackstrap Coulee A4i CA532
Canada Blaine Lakes A4i, A4iii CA536
Canada Blow River Delta (Shingle Point to Tent Island) A4i, A4iii CA548
Canada Boas River and associated wetlands A4i, A4iii CA279
Canada Bon Portage Island A4ii, A4iii CA224
Canada Bonaventure Island A4i, A4ii, A4iii CA396
Canada Boundary Bay - Roberts Bank - Sturgeon Bank (Fraser River Estuary) A4i, A4iii CA057
Canada Brier Island and Offshore Waters A4i CA230
Canada Buchan Gulf A4iii CA310
Canada Buffer Lake A1, A4i CA530
Canada Cambridge Point A4ii, A4iii CA272
Canada Canal de Beauharnois A4iii CA490
Canada Cap d'Espoir A4i, A4iii CA416
Canada Cap Tourmente A4i, A4iii CA397
Canada Cape Bathurst Polynya A4iii CA252
Canada Cape Freels Coastline and Cabot Island A4i, A4iii CA207
Canada Cape Graham Moore A4iii CA309
Canada Cape Hay A4iii CA266
Canada Cape Henrietta Maria A4i, A4iii CA371
Canada Cape Liddon A4iii CA303
Canada Cape Parry A4iii CA254
Canada Cape Searle A4ii, A4iii CA265
Canada Cape St. Mary's A4ii, A4iii CA192
Canada Cape Vera A4iii CA298
Canada Cardinal Lake A4iii CA022
Canada Cayes à Meck A4i, A4iii CA442
Canada Chain Islets and Great Chain Islet A4i CA066
Canada Chain Lakes A4iii CA011
Canada Chaplin Lake A1, A4i, A4iii CA508
Canada Chappice Lake A4i CA036
Canada Chehalis River Estuary A4i CA063
Canada Churchill and Vicinity A4iii CA130
Canada Cleland Island and Southeast Clayoquot Sound A1, A4i CA080
Canada Coats Island/Cape Pembroke A4iii CA267
Canada Cobequid Bay A4i, A4iii CA228
Canada Comox Valley A4i CA054
Canada Corbin Island A4i, A4ii, A4iii CA209
Canada Corossol Island A4i CA445
Canada Country Island Complex A4i, A4ii, A4iii CA234
Canada Cowichan estuary A4i CA068
Canada Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area A4i, A4iii CA113
Canada Cumberland Marshes A4i, A4iii CA541
Canada Cumshewa Inlet north to Sheldens Bay A4i CA105
Canada Delta Marsh A4i, A4iii CA128
Canada Digges Sound A4ii, A4iii CA264
Canada Dodge Point and Gogit Passage Island Chain A4ii, A4iii CA103
Canada Dog Lake A4i CA143
Canada Dorchester Cape and Grand Anse A4i, A4iii CA190
Canada Dory's Reef A4i CA152
Canada Douglas Lake Plateau A4i CA111
Canada Duke of Edinburgh Ecological Reserve A4ii, A4iii CA049
Canada Eagle, Namaka and Stobart Lakes A4i, A4iii CA030
Canada East Bay/Native Bay A4iii CA280
Canada East Lake Diefenbaker A1, A4i CA518
Canada East Point A4i, A4iii CA384
Canada Eastern Cape Sable Island A4i, A4iii CA225
Canada Eastern Devon Island Nunataks A1, A4i CA301
Canada Eastern Lake St. Clair A4i, A4iii CA330
Canada Eaux de l'archipel de Mingan A4i, A4iii CA488
Canada Ekwan to Lakitusaki Shores A4i, A4iii CA370
Canada Englefield Bay Islands A4ii, A4iii CA056
Canada English Bay and Burrard Inlet A4i CA059
Canada Ewing and Erskine Lakes A4iii CA016
Canada Falaise aux Goélands and pointe de l’Est A4i, A4iii CA432
Canada Foxe Basin Islands A4i, A4iii CA273
Canada Frank Lake (south) A4i, A4iii CA031
Canada Fraser Lake A4i, A4iii CA114
Canada Frederick Island A4ii, A4iii CA046
Canada Funk Island A4ii, A4iii CA195
Canada Galloway and Miry Bay A4i, A4iii CA496
Canada Gannet Islands A4ii, A4iii CA127
Canada Gillam Island A4ii, A4iii CA088
Canada Gooseberry Lake A4i CA032
Canada Grand Manan Archipelago A4i, A4ii, A4iii CA175
Canada Grande Prairie - Trumpeter Swan IBA A4iii CA035
Canada Grant's Lake WMA A4i, A4iii CA147
Canada Great Plain of the Koukdjuak A4i, A4iii CA313
Canada Greater Rondeau Area A4i, A4iii CA326
Canada Green Island A4ii, A4iii CA211
Canada Gull and Sandhill Island A4i, A4iii CA131
Canada Hamilton Harbour Waterbird Colonies A4iii CA338
Canada Hannah Bay A4i, A4iii CA366
Canada Hansman Lake A4iii CA042
Canada Hantzsch Island A4iii CA282
Canada Harrowby Bay A4iii CA253
Canada Hay and Zama Lakes A4i, A4iii CA023
Canada Hays Reservoir A4i CA028
Canada Hippa Island A4ii, A4iii CA051
Canada Hobhouse Inlet A4iii CA304
Canada Holiday Beach / Big Creek CA A4iv CA348
Canada Île aux Basques et Les Razades A4i CA425
Canada Île aux Pommes A4i CA426
Canada Île Bicquette A4i, A4iii CA424
Canada Île Brion A4i, A4ii CA402
Canada Île de la Couvée A4i, A4iii CA472
Canada Île Deslauriers A4i, A4iii CA471
Canada Île du Lac A4i CA437
Canada Île Nue de Mingan A4i CA443
Canada Île Rouge A4i CA451
Canada Île Shag A4i CA399
Canada Îles Pèlerins A4i CA428
Canada Îles Sainte-Marie A4iii CA435
Canada Inglefield Mountains A1, A4i CA275
Canada Kasakeemeemisekak Islands A4i CA155
Canada Kaskattama River Mouth A4i, A4iii CA132
Canada Kaweenakumik Lake A4i, A4iii CA133
Canada Kazan Lake A4i CA543
Canada Kerouard and St. James Islands A4ii, A4iii CA047
Canada Killarney, Dillberry and Leane Lakes A4iii CA015
Canada Kirkpatrick and Fitzgerald Lakes A4iii CA013
Canada Kitkatla Channel, Goschen Island North to Porcher Island A4i, A4iii CA094
Canada Kouchibouguac NP Sand Islands A4i CA168
Canada Kugaluk River A4i, A4iii CA250
Canada Kunghit Island and Luxana Bay A4ii CA098
Canada Kyuquot Channel Islets A4i CA084
Canada La Grosse Boule Island A4i CA444
Canada Lac Deschênes A4iii CA365
Canada Lac Saint-Louis et Îles-de-la-Paix A4iii CA475
Canada Lagune du Havre aux Basques et plage de l'Ouest A4i, A4iii CA398
Canada Lake Lenore A4iii CA528
Canada Lake St. Martin Islands A4i CA156
Canada Lakeland A4i CA004
Canada Lambert Channel/Hornby Island Waters A4i, A4iii CA075
Canada Lancaster Sound Polynya A4ii, A4iii CA302
Canada Landis Lake A4i CA534
Canada Langara Island A4ii, A4iii CA045
Canada Langruth - Rm of Lakeview A4iii CA145
Canada Laskeek Bay A4ii CA104
Canada Last Mountain Lake National Wildlife Area A1, A4i, A4iii CA491
Canada Lavalleé Lake A4i, A4iii CA494
Canada Les rochers aux Oiseaux A4ii, A4iii CA401
Canada Leslie Street Spit A4i, A4iii CA351
Canada Lesser Slave Lake PP A4i CA003
Canada Limestone Islands A4i, A4iii CA358
Canada Little George Island A4i CA150
Canada Little Qualicum Estuary to Nanoose Bay A4i, A4iii CA073
Canada Long Point Peninsula and Marshes A4i, A4iii CA320
Canada Longridge Point and Associated Coastline A4i CA367
Canada Lower Detroit River A4i, A4iii CA356
Canada Lower Mackenzie River Islands A4i, A4iii CA257
Canada Luck Lake A1, A4i, A4iii CA493
Canada Lucy Islands A4ii, A4iii CA095
Canada M'Clintock Bay to Lewes River Marsh A4i, A4iii CA550
Canada Mackenzie River Delta A4i, A4iii CA248
Canada Malpeque Bay A4iii CA390
Canada Manitou Lake Area (includes Reflex, Freshwater, Wells, Colette and Cipher Lakes) A1, A4i, A4iii CA538
Canada Manitoulin Island North Shore A4i CA385
Canada Marais de Gros-Cacouna A4i, A4iii CA423
Canada Marais de la baie de L'Isle-Verte A4i, A4iii CA422
Canada Marais de Pointe-au-Père A4i, A4iii CA421
Canada Marshy Point A4iii CA159
Canada McConnell River A4i, A4iii CA277
Canada McIntyre Beach and Rose Spit A4i CA108
Canada Metiskow and Sunken Lakes A4i CA037
Canada Middle Back River A4iii CA315
Canada Middle Lawn Island A4iii CA210
Canada Middle Mackenzie River Islands A4iii CA258
Canada Midnight Lake A1, A4i CA537
Canada Mills Lake A4i, A4iii CA260
Canada Ministik, Joseph and Oliver Lakes A4iii CA026
Canada Miquelon Lake A4i, A4iii CA027
Canada Montmagny A4iii CA460
Canada Moore and Byers Islands and Banks A4i, A4ii, A4iii CA092
Canada Moose River Estuary A4i, A4iii CA376
Canada Netitishi Point A4i, A4iii CA375
Canada Netley-Libau Marsh A4i, A4iii CA135
Canada Niagara River Corridor A4i, A4iii CA321
Canada Nicolet et Baie-du-Fèbvre A4i, A4iii CA464
Canada Niskibi Cape A4iii CA380
Canada North Arm, Great Slave Lake A4iii CA262
Canada North Channel Island A4i CA151
Canada North Point A4i, A4iii CA377
Canada North, West, and East Shoal Lakes A1, A4i, A4iii CA146
Canada Northeast James Bay A4i, A4iii CA292
Canada Northeast James Bay Coast A4i, A4ii, A4iii CA478
Canada Northern Head and South Head A4i CA241
Canada Northwestern Brodeur Peninsula A1, A4i CA306
Canada Nunaluk Spit to Herschel Island A4i, A4iii CA546
Canada Oak Hammock Marsh WMA A4i, A4iii CA136
Canada Oak Lake/Plum Lakes Area A4i, A4iii CA137
Canada Old Crow Flats A4i, A4iii CA544
Canada Old Wives-Frederick Lakes A4i, A4iii CA507
Canada Pakowki Lake A4iii CA024
Canada Peace-Athabasca Delta A4iii CA002
Canada Pelee Island Archipelago A4i CA332
Canada Pelican Lake A4i, A4iii CA521
Canada Pelican Lake (Alberta) A4i CA034
Canada Pen Islands A4i CA381
Canada Péninsule de Forillon A4iii CA419
Canada Petite Île Sainte-Geneviève A4i, A4iii CA440
Canada Pigeon Island A4i CA353
Canada Pittock Reservoir A4i, A4iii CA345
Canada Placentia Bay A4iii CA208
Canada Plaine inondable de Saint-Barthélemy A4i, A4iii CA465
Canada Point Lepreau/Maces Bay A4i, A4iii CA181
Canada Point Pelee A4i, A4iii CA325
Canada Ponass Lake A4iii CA527
Canada Port Colborne (breakwater and mainland) A4i, A4iii CA337
Canada Porter Lake A4i CA531
Canada Presqu'ile Provincial Park A4i, A4iii CA323
Canada Primrose Lake A4i CA539
Canada Prince Edward County South Shore A4i, A4iii CA322
Canada Prince Leopold Island A4ii, A4iii CA268
Canada Queen Maud Gulf A4i, A4iii CA271
Canada Quidi Vidi Lake A4i CA205
Canada Quill Lakes A1, A4i, A4iii CA492
Canada Quoddy Region A4i, A4iii CA189
Canada Radisson Lake A1, A4i, A4iii CA535
Canada Ramsay and Northern Juan Perez Sound Islands A4ii, A4iii CA102
Canada Rankine and Langtry Islands A4ii, A4iii CA099
Canada Rasmussen Lowlands A4i, A4iii CA270
Canada Redberry Lake A4i CA495
Canada Reed Lake A4i, A4iii CA509
Canada Reid Bay A4ii, A4iii CA312
Canada Réserve faunique de Plaisance A4iii CA477
Canada Réserve nationale de faune des Îles-de-Contrecoeur A4i, A4iii CA470
Canada Réservoir Beaudet A4iii CA463
Canada Restigouche River Estuary A4i CA166
Canada Riverton Sandy Bar A4i, A4iii CA160
Canada Sable Island, Nova Scotia A4i CA232
Canada Saint-Augustin Migratory Bird Sanctuary A4i CA434
Canada Saint-Vallier A4iii CA461
Canada Saint's Rest Marsh and Beach A4i, A4iii CA183
Canada Sand Reef Islands A4i CA161
Canada Saskatchewan River Delta A4iii CA149
Canada Scott Inlet A4iii CA311
Canada Scott Island Group A4ii, A4iii CA048
Canada Severn River Coastline A4iii CA374
Canada Seymour Island A1, A4i CA294
Canada Shagamu River and Area A4i, A4iii CA373
Canada Shallow Bay, Big Slough and Swan Lake A4iii CA549
Canada Shepody Bay West A4i, A4iii CA173
Canada Shigawake-Newport A4i CA414
Canada Shultz Lake A4iii CA040
Canada Skincuttle Inlet Islands A4ii, A4iii CA100
Canada Solander Island and Brooks Bay A4ii, A4iii CA086
Canada Somenos Marsh Wildlife Refuge A4i CA069
Canada Sounding Lake A4i, A4iii CA014
Canada South Flaherty Islands A4i CA318
Canada South Long Island A4i CA153
Canada South Saskatchewan River (Empress to Lancer Ferry) A4iii CA514
Canada South Shore - East Queens Co. Sector A4i CA231
Canada South Shore Great Slave Lake (Slave River Delta to Taltson Bay) A4i, A4iii CA263
Canada Southern Bight, Minas Basin A4i, A4iii CA229
Canada Southwest Bylot A1, A4i, A4ii, A4iii CA274
Canada Spruce Island Reef A4i CA163
Canada Squamish River Area A4ii CA060
Canada St. Lawrence Lake A4iii CA041
Canada Stuart, Tachie and Middle Rivers A4i CA115
Canada Suggi Lake A4i CA542
Canada Sullivan Lake A4iii CA012
Canada Sutton River Coastline A4iii CA379
Canada Sydkap Ice Field A1, A4i CA300
Canada Tabusintac Lagoon and River Estuary A4i CA167
Canada Tadoussac A4i, A4iii CA449
Canada Tagish Narrows A4i, A4iii CA551
Canada The Capes A4i CA244
Canada The Watchers A4i, A4iii CA334
Canada Thedford Flats A4i CA344
Canada Thomsen River A4i, A4iii CA255
Canada Three Sisters Islands A4i CA383
Canada Tobin Lake A4i CA540
Canada Tofino Mudflats A4i, A4iii CA044
Canada Upper Cumberland Basin A4i, A4iii CA218
Canada Utikuma and Utikumasis Lakes A4iii CA021
Canada Wadham Islands and adjacent Marine Area A4i, A4iii CA199
Canada Waters of Île Patte de Lièvre A4iii CA484
Canada Wavy Lake A4iii CA017
Canada West End of Lake Ontario A4i, A4iii CA340
Canada White Islets and Wilson Creek A4i CA061
Canada Whitewater Lake A4i, A4iii CA140
Canada Whitford and Rush Lakes A4iii CA019
Canada Whooping Crane Nesting Area and Summer Range A1, A4i CA247
Canada Wildwood Gull Roost A4i, A4iii CA355
Canada Willow Bunch Lake A1, A4i CA502
Canada Winisk River Estuary A4iii CA372
Canada Witless Bay Islands A4i, A4ii, A4iii CA193
Canada Wolfe Island A4i CA350