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IBA Criteria A3
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Number of sites 31
Country/Territory Site name IBA Criteria Final Code
Uganda Ajai Wildlife Reserve A1, A3 UG021
Uganda Budongo Forest Reserve A1, A3 UG019
Uganda Bugoma Central Forest Reserve A1, A3 UG033
Uganda Bwindi Impenetrable National Park A1, A2, A3 UG004
Uganda Doho Rice Scheme A1, A3, A4i UG024
Uganda Echuya Forest Reserve A1, A2, A3 UG002
Uganda Kasyoha-Kitomi Forest Reserve A1, A3 UG032
Uganda Kibale National Park A1, A2, A3 UG006
Uganda Kibimba Rice Scheme A1, A3 UG034
Uganda Kidepo Valley National Park A1, A2, A3 UG030
Uganda Kyambura Wildlife Reserve A1, A3, A4i, A4iii UG008
Uganda Lake Bisina A1, A2, A3 UG026
Uganda Lake Mburo National Park A1, A2, A3 UG011
Uganda Lake Nakuwa A1, A3 UG025
Uganda Lake Opeta A1, A2, A3 UG027
Uganda Lutembe Bay A1, A3, A4i, A4iii UG018
Uganda Mabamba Bay A1, A3 UG017
Uganda Mabira Forest Reserve A1, A3 UG012
Uganda Mgahinga Gorilla National Park A1, A2, A3 UG001
Uganda Mount Elgon National Park A2, A3 UG028
Uganda Mount Kei Forest Reserve A3 UG022
Uganda Mount Moroto Forest Reserve A1, A2, A3 UG029
Uganda Mount Otzi Forest Reserve A3 UG023
Uganda Murchison Falls National Park A1, A3, A4i UG020
Uganda Nabajjuzi Wetland A1, A3 UG031
Uganda Nabugabo wetland A1, A3 UG016
Uganda Nyamuriro swamp A1, A3 UG003
Uganda Queen Elizabeth National Park and Lake George A1, A3, A4i UG007
Uganda Ruwenzori (Rwenzori) Mountains National Park A1, A2, A3 UG005
Uganda Sango Bay area A1, A3, A4i, A4iii UG013
Uganda Semliki National Park A1, A2, A3 UG009