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Number of sites 53
Country/Territory Site name IBA Criteria Final Code
Belarus Al'manskija baloty A1, B2, B3 BY018
Belarus Arechaŭskaje A1, B3 BY051
Belarus Asvieja B2, B3 BY001
Belarus Balota Dzikoje A1, B3 BY010
Belarus Balota Jel'nia A4i, B1i, B2 BY002
Belarus Balota Maročna B2 BY034
Belarus Balota Zvaniec A1, B2, B3 BY016
Belarus Biarezina-Hajna A1, B2, B3 BY024
Belarus Biarezinski zapaviednik A1, B2 BY005
Belarus Bielaje fish farm A1, B2, B3 BY019
Belarus Bielaviežškaja Pušča A1, B2, B3 BY009
Belarus Bierazino A1 BY025
Belarus Braslav lakes A1, B2 BY054
Belarus Brody A1 BY026
Belarus Brycalavičskaja Pušča B2, B3 BY040
Belarus Chavanščyna A1, B2 BY023
Belarus Cikiny astravy A1, B1i BY041
Belarus Čyrvonaje A1 BY028
Belarus Čyrvony Bor B2 BY047
Belarus Dniepr floodplain Lojeŭ-Žary A1, B2, B3 BY053
Belarus Dražbitka-Svina A1, B2, B3 BY029
Belarus Dzivin - Vialiki Lies A1 BY050
Belarus Halubickaja Pušča B2 BY004
Belarus Haradzienskaja Svislač A1, B2 BY008
Belarus Hronava A1 BY027
Belarus Ipuć floodplain B2, B3
Belarus Janka river floodplain B2 BY045
Belarus Kaz'jany A1, B2, B3 BY003
Belarus L'va floodplain A1, B2 BY030
Belarus Lelchitsy-Ubort A1, A4i, B2 BY033
Belarus Liasnaja river A1, B1i BY049
Belarus Liebiadziny Moch A1, B2 BY032
Belarus Mid Prypiac' A1, A4i, A4iii, B1i, B2, B3 BY017
Belarus Nalibockaja Pušča B2 BY048
Belarus Paliessie fish farm B2, B3 BY015
Belarus Pcič floodplain A1 BY031
Belarus Polesie Reserve A1, B2, B3 BY035
Belarus Polesye valley of river Buh B2, B3
Belarus Prostyr A1, B3 BY037
Belarus Prypiackija baloty A1, B2, B3 BY036
Belarus Ščara floodplain A1 BY055
Belarus Servač A1 BY038
Belarus Sialiec A1, B2, B3 BY011
Belarus Sož floodplain A1, B2 BY021
Belarus Sporaŭskaje balota A1, B2, B3 BY022
Belarus Staraja Vic' B2 BY042
Belarus Stary Žadzien A1 BY039
Belarus Turaŭskaje balonnie B2 BY046
Belarus Vieluta A1 BY043
Belarus Volchva A1 BY052
Belarus Vydryca A1 BY044
Belarus Vyhanaščanskija baloty A1, B2, B3 BY012
Belarus Zachodniaja Biarezina B2 BY007