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Country/Territory = Saudi Arabia
IBA Criteria A4i A4ii A4iii A4iv
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Number of sites 14
Country/Territory Site name IBA Criteria Final Code
Saudi Arabia Abu Ali A4i, B1i, B3 SA008
Saudi Arabia Al-Hasa lagoons A4iii, B1i, B2 SA012
Saudi Arabia Farasan Islands A1, A4i, B1i, B1ii, B2, B3 SA038
Saudi Arabia Gulf coral islands A1, A4i, A4iii, B1i, B2, B3 SA007
Saudi Arabia Gulf of Salwah A1, A4i, A4iii, B1i, B2, B3 SA013
Saudi Arabia Jiddah south corniche and port A4i, B1i, B2 SA020
Saudi Arabia Jizan Bay A1, A4i, A4iii, B1i, B2, B3 SA037
Saudi Arabia Kutambil island A4i, B1i, B2 SA031
Saudi Arabia Makkah waste-water stream A4i, B1i, B2 SA021
Saudi Arabia Malaki dam A1, A4i, B1i, B2, B3 SA035
Saudi Arabia National Wildlife Research Center and environs, Taif A1, A4i, B1i, B2, B3 SA022
Saudi Arabia Sabkhat al-Fasl lagoons A4i, A4iii, B1i SA009
Saudi Arabia Tarut Bay A4i, A4iii, B1i, B3 SA010
Saudi Arabia Umm al-Qamari A4i, B1i, B3 SA026