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Number of sites 99
Country/Territory Site name IBA Criteria Final Code
Poland Augustów forest C1, C6 PL043
Poland Barlinek Forest C1, C2, C6 PL014
Poland Barycz river valley C1, C2, C3, C4, C6 PL092
Poland Beskid Niski Mountains C1, C6 PL134
Poland Beskid Wyspowy Mountains C1, C6 PL140
Poland Beskid Zywiecki Mountains C1, C6 PL127
Poland Bialowieza Forest C1, C6 PL046
Poland Biebrza river valley C1, C2, C3, C4, C6 PL044
Poland Bieszczady Mountains C1, C6 PL137
Poland Bubnow Marsh C1, C2, C6 PL103
Poland Bzura River Valley C1, C6 PL080
Poland Calowanie Swamp C1 PL085
Poland Cedynia Site C1, C2, C3 PL008
Poland Chelm calcareous marshes C1, C6 PL105
Poland Czarna River Valley C1, C7 PL142
Poland Delta of the Swina river C1, C2, C3, C4 PL001
Poland Drawa River Site C1, C2, C6 PL016
Poland Elblag Height C1, C6 PL168
Poland Forest at Drawa River C1, C2, C6 PL017
Poland Goleniow Forest C1, C6 PL009
Poland Gródek-Michalowo basin C1, C6 PL047
Poland Insko Site C1, C2, C6 PL015
Poland Jeziorsko reservoir C1, C2, C3, C4, C6 PL078
Poland Kampinos forest C1, C6 PL084
Poland Knyszyn Forest C1, C6 PL045
Poland Kostrzyn River Valley C1, C6 PL060
Poland Kurpie Site C1, C6 PL156
Poland Liwiec river valley C1, C2, C4, C6 PL059
Poland Lower Bug river valley C1, C2, C6 PL057
Poland Lower Narew River Valley C1, C6 PL052
Poland Lower Notec River Valley C1, C4, C6 PL063
Poland Lower Odra river valley C1, C2, C3, C4, C6 PL005
Poland Lower San River Valley C1, C6 PL143
Poland Lower Silesia Forests C1, C6 PL086
Poland Lower Vistula River Valley C1, C2, C4, C6 PL028
Poland Lower Wieprz River Valley C1, C4, C6 PL144
Poland Marshy Valley of the Narew River C1, C4, C6 PL049
Poland Middle Bug river valley C1, C6 PL104
Poland Middle Notec River Valley C1, C2, C3, C4, C6 PL065
Poland Middle Odra River Valley C1, C2, C3, C4, C6 PL071
Poland Middle Vistula River Valley C1, C6 PL083
Poland Middle Warta River Valley C1, C2, C6 PL076
Poland Miedwie site C1, C2, C3, C4 PL007
Poland Mietkow reservoir C1, C3, C4, C6 PL088
Poland Mircze Site C1, C6 PL158
Poland Napiwodzko-Ramucka forest C1, C2, C6 PL038
Poland Narew river gaps C1, C6 PL051
Poland Ner River Valley C1, C3, C4 PL079
Poland Nida Rivar Valley C1, C4, C6 PL097
Poland Nietlice marshes C1, C2 PL042
Poland Notec Forest C1, C3, C4, C6 PL066
Poland Notec river flood-plain C1, C3, C4, C6 PL064
Poland Omulew and Plodownica Rivers Valleys C1, C6 PL053
Poland Orawa and Nowy Targ Bogs C1, C6 PL130
Poland Otmuchów reservoir C1, C3, C4 PL119
Poland Parczew forests C1, C6 PL099
Poland Pasleka river valley C1, C6 PL032
Poland Pilica River Valley C1, C6 PL094
Poland Pisz forest C1, C6 PL039
Poland Polesie C1, C2, C6 PL102
Poland Poprad Site C1, C6 PL159
Poland Przemków ponds C1, C3, C4, C6 PL087
Poland Przemysl Plateau C1, C6 PL135
Poland Przysowia and Sludwia River valley C1, C2, C3, C4, C6 PL145
Poland Pulwy Marshes C1, C3 PL138
Poland Radlow Forest C1, C6 PL151
Poland Rakutowskie swamps C1, C2, C3 PL081
Poland Roztocze C1, C6 PL111
Poland Rozwarowo Marshes C1, C6 PL010
Poland Sandomierz Forest C1, C6 PL163
Poland Satopy-Samulewo Site C1, C2, C4 PL160
Poland Siemianowka Reseirvoir C1, C2, C4, C6 PL170
Poland Sieniawa Forest C1, C6 PL152
Poland Skaliskie Forest C1, C2 PL036
Poland Slonne Mountains C1, C6 PL136
Poland Slowinska Site C1, C2, C4 PL019
Poland Slupia River Valley C1 PL020
Poland Solokija River Valley C1 PL116
Poland Solska Forest C1, C6 PL110
Poland Stolowe Mountains C1, C6 PL118
Poland Sudety Wałbrzysko-Kamiennogorskie Mountains C1, C6 PL165
Poland Swietokrzyskie Vistula River Valley C1, C6 PL166
Poland Szczecin lagoon C1, C2, C3, C4, C6 PL002
Poland Trzebiatow Site C1 PL012
Poland Tuchola Forest C1, C2, C6 PL026
Poland Tysmienica river valley C1, C4, C6 PL098
Poland Tyszowce Site C1, C6 PL113
Poland Upper Huczwa River Catchment C1, C6 PL114
Poland Upper Labunka River Valley C1 PL112
Poland Upper Narew River Valley C1, C2, C3, C4, C6 PL048
Poland Upper Nurzec River Valley C1, C6 PL056
Poland Vistula river mouth C1, C2, C3, C4, C6 PL027
Poland Warmia Site C1, C6 PL033
Poland Warta River Mouth C1, C2, C3, C4, C6 PL062
Poland Witnica-Debno Site C1, C6 PL013
Poland Wizna Swamps C1, C6 PL050
Poland Wkra and Mlawka Rivers Valleys C1, C6 PL054
Poland Wkrzanska Forest C1, C6 PL003
Poland Wloszczowa Basin C1, C6 PL154