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Number of sites 117
Country/Territory Site name IBA Criteria Final Code
Philippines Agusan marsh A1, A2, A4i PH085
Philippines Angat watershed A1, A2 PH019
Philippines Anonang-Lobi Range A1, A2 PH077
Philippines Apo Reef Marine Natural Park A4iii PH046
Philippines Aurora Memorial National Park A1, A2 PH017
Philippines Bacon-Manito A1, A2 PH034
Philippines Balabac Island A1, A2 PH056
Philippines Balbalasang-Balbalan National Park and proposed extension A1, A2 PH003
Philippines Balogo Watershed A1, A2 PH059
Philippines Ban-ban A1, A2 PH064
Philippines Basilan Natural Biotic Area A1, A2 PH113
Philippines Bataan Natural Park and Subic Bay Forest Reserve A1, A2, A4i PH008
Philippines Batanes Islands A1, A2 PH001
Philippines Biliran and Maripipi Island A1, A2 PH076
Philippines Bislig A1, A2 PH086
Philippines Buguey wetlands A1, A4i PH012
Philippines Bulusan Volcano Natural Park A1, A2 PH035
Philippines Busuanga Island A1, A2 PH048
Philippines Butig mountains A1, A2 PH099
Philippines Calauit Island A1, A2 PH047
Philippines Calituban and Tahong-tahong Islands (Talibon group) A1, A4i PH079
Philippines Camiguin island A2 PH090
Philippines Camp O'Donnell A1, A2 PH006
Philippines Candaba swamp A1, A4i, A4iii PH007
Philippines Caramoan peninsula A1, A2 PH032
Philippines Catanduanes Watershed Forest Reserve A1, A2 PH033
Philippines Central Cebu (including Tabunan) A1, A2 PH068
Philippines Central Marinduque A1, A2 PH036
Philippines Central Panay mountains A1, A2 PH061
Philippines Central Sierra Madre mountains A1, A2 PH016
Philippines Cuernos de Negros A1, A2 PH066
Philippines Culion Island A1, A2 PH049
Philippines El Nido A1, A2 PH050
Philippines Iglit - Baco Mountains A1, A2 PH041
Philippines Kalatungan mountains A1, A2 PH095
Philippines Kalbario-Patapat National Park A1, A2 PH002
Philippines Lake Lanao A1, A2, A4iii PH097
Philippines Lake Naujan A1, A2, A4i PH040
Philippines Lalaguna marsh A1, A4i PH027
Philippines Liguasan marsh A1, A2, A4iii PH102
Philippines Lituban-Quipit Watershed A1, A2 PH111
Philippines Mactan, Kalawisan and Cansaga Bays A1, A4i PH070
Philippines Malpalon A1, A2 PH043
Philippines Manila Bay A1, A4i, A4iii PH010
Philippines Mariveles mountains A1, A2 PH009
Philippines Mount Agtuuganon and Mount Pasian A1, A2 PH087
Philippines Mount Apo A1, A2 PH101
Philippines Mount Balatukan A1, A2 PH091
Philippines Mount Bandila-an A1, A2 PH067
Philippines Mount Busa-Kiamba A1, A2 PH105
Philippines Mount Cabalantian - Mount Capoto-an complex A1, A2 PH073
Philippines Mount Calavite A1, A2 PH037
Philippines Mount Daguma A1, A2 PH103
Philippines Mount Dajo National Park A1, A2 PH114
Philippines Mount Dapiak-Mount Paraya A1, A2 PH108
Philippines Mount Dingalan A1, A2 PH018
Philippines Mount Diwata Range A1, A2 PH084
Philippines Mount Guiting-guiting Natural Park A1, A2 PH058
Philippines Mount Halcon A1, A2 PH039
Philippines Mount Hamiguitan (Tumadgo peak) A1, A2 PH089
Philippines Mount Hilong-hilong A1, A2 PH083
Philippines Mount Hinunduang A1, A2 PH045
Philippines Mount Hitding A1, A2 PH044
Philippines Mount Isarog National Park A1, A2 PH031
Philippines Mount Kaluayan - Mount Kinabalian Complex A1, A2 PH092
Philippines Mount Kambinlio and Mount Redondo A1, A2 PH081
Philippines Mount Kampalili-Puting Bato A1, A2 PH088
Philippines Mount Kangbulagsing and Mount Lanaya A1, A2 PH072
Philippines Mount Kanla-on Natural Park A1, A2 PH063
Philippines Mount Kitanglad A1, A2 PH094
Philippines Mount Kulasi A1, A2 PH030
Philippines Mount Labo A1, A2 PH029
Philippines Mount Latian complex A1, A2 PH106
Philippines Mount Makiling A1, A2 PH022
Philippines Mount Malindang A1, A2 PH107
Philippines Mount Mantalingahan A1, A2 PH054
Philippines Mount Matutum A1, A2 PH104
Philippines Mount Nacolod A1, A2 PH078
Philippines Mount Piagayungan A1, A2 PH098
Philippines Mount Pulag National Park A1, A2 PH004
Philippines Mount Siburan A1, A2 PH042
Philippines Mount Silay and Mount Mandalagan (Northern Negros) A1, A2 PH062
Philippines Mount Sinaka A1, A2 PH100
Philippines Mount Sugarloaf A1, A2 PH109
Philippines Mount Tago Range A1, A2 PH093
Philippines Mount Timolan A1, A2 PH110
Philippines Mount Yacgun - Mount Sohoton complex A1, A2 PH074
Philippines Mounts Banahaw-San Cristobal National Park A1, A2 PH024
Philippines Mounts Irid-Angilo and Binuang A1, A2 PH020
Philippines Mounts Palay-Palay-Mataas Na Gulod National Park A1, A2 PH011
Philippines Munai / Tambo A1, A2 PH096
Philippines North Eastern Cagayan Protected Landscape and Seascape A1, A2 PH013
Philippines North-west Panay peninsula (Pandan) A1, A2 PH060
Philippines Northern Sierra Madre Natural Park A1, A2 PH015
Philippines Nug-as and Mount Lantoy A1, A2 PH071
Philippines Olango Island A1, A4i, A4iii PH069
Philippines Pagbilao and Tayabas Bay A1, A4i PH026
Philippines Pasonanca watershed A1, A2 PH112
Philippines Peñablanca Protected Landscape and Seascape A1, A2 PH014
Philippines Polillo Islands A1, A2 PH021
Philippines Puerto Galera A1, A2 PH038
Philippines Puerto Princesa Subterranean River Natural Park / Cleopatra's Needle A1, A2 PH052
Philippines Quezon National Park A1, A2 PH025
Philippines Ragay Gulf A1, A4i PH028
Philippines Rajah Sikatuna Protected Landscape A1, A2 PH080
Philippines San Vicente - Taytay - Roxas forests A1, A2 PH051
Philippines Siargao island A1, A2 PH082
Philippines Sibutu and Tumindao Islands A1, A2 PH117
Philippines Simunul and Manuk Manka Islands A1, A2 PH116
Philippines Southern Samar mountains A1, A2 PH075
Philippines Southwestern Negros A1, A2 PH065
Philippines Tawi-tawi Island A1, A2 PH115
Philippines Tubbataha Reef National Marine Park A1, A4i, A4ii PH057
Philippines University of the Philippines Land Grants (Pakil and Real) A1, A2 PH023
Philippines Ursula Island A1, A2 PH055
Philippines Victoria and Anepahan Ranges A1, A2 PH053
Philippines Zambales mountains A1, A2 PH005