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Country/Territory Site name IBA Criteria Final Code
Nigeria Afi River Forest Reserve A1, A2, A3 NG005
Nigeria Akassa forests A1, A3, A4i NG017
Nigeria Amurum woodlands (Taboru) A3 NG020
Nigeria Assop Falls and hills A3 NG023
Nigeria Biseni forests A3 NG016
Nigeria Chad Basin National Park: Chingurmi - Duguma Sector A3, A4i NG004
Nigeria Cross River National Park (Oban Division) A1, A2, A3 NG007
Nigeria Cross River National Park (Okwangwo Division) and Mbe Mountains A1, A2, A3 NG010
Nigeria Donga river basin forests A3 NG014
Nigeria Ebok-Kabaken A1, A3, A4ii NG027
Nigeria Falgore and Lame Burra Game Reserves A3 NG025
Nigeria Gashaka-Gumti National Park A1, A2, A3 NG002
Nigeria Hadejia-Nguru wetlands A1, A3, A4i, A4iii NG021
Nigeria IITA Forest Reserve, Ibadan A1, A2, A3 NG011
Nigeria Kagoro - Nindam Forest Reserves and vicinity A3 NG013
Nigeria Kainji Lake National Park A3 NG019
Nigeria Kamuku National Park A3 NG022
Nigeria Lower Kaduna - Middle Niger flood-plain A3, A4ii NG012
Nigeria Ngel-Nyaki Forest Reserve A1, A2, A3 NG003
Nigeria Obudu Plateau A1, A2, A3 NG001
Nigeria Okomu National Park A1, A3 NG006
Nigeria Omo Forest Reserve A1, A3 NG008
Nigeria Pandam Wildlife Park A3 NG009
Nigeria Sambisa Game Reserve A3 NG024
Nigeria Sunvit Farm A3 NG026
Nigeria Upper Orashi forests A3 NG015
Nigeria Yankari Game Reserve A3 NG018