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Number of sites 17
Country/Territory Site name IBA Criteria Final Code
Niger 'W' National Park A1, A3 NE001
Niger Atchi wetland A4iii NE013
Niger Ayorou A4i NE005
Niger Chiya wetland A4i, A4iii NE012
Niger Dallol Boboye A3 NE007
Niger Dan Doutchi wetland A4i NE008
Niger Diffa-Kinzindi grassland and wetlands A1, A3, A4iii
Niger Dilia de Lagané A1, A3 NE014
Niger Kokoro wetland A4i, A4iii NE003
Niger Lassouri - Karandi wetlands A4i NE011
Niger Makalondi district A3 NE002
Niger Mozagué reservoir A4i NE010
Niger Namga wetland A4iii NE004
Niger NNR Aïr - Ténéré A1, A3 NE015
Niger Tchérassa reservoir A4i NE009
Niger Termit Mountains A1, A3
Niger Tillabéri roost A4i NE006