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Number of sites 57
Country/Territory Site name IBA Criteria Final Code
Myanmar Alaungdaw Kathapa A1, A2, A3 MM017
Myanmar Ayeyarwady Delta (including Meinmahla Kyun) A1, A4i, A4iii MM047
Myanmar Ayeyarwady River: Bagan Section A1, A4i, A4iii MM027
Myanmar Ayeyarwady River: Bhamo Section A1, A4i MM013
Myanmar Ayeyarwady River: Myitkyina to Sinbo Section A1, A4i, A4iii MM009
Myanmar Ayeyarwady River: Shwegu Section A1, A4i MM016
Myanmar Ayeyarwady River: Sinbyugyun to Minbu Section A4i MM041
Myanmar Ayeyarwady River: Singu Section A4i, A4iii MM021
Myanmar Bumphabum A1, A3 MM003
Myanmar Bwe Pa A1, A2, A3 MM036
Myanmar Chatthin A1, A2, A3, A4i MM018
Myanmar Chaungmagyi Reservoir A4iii MM032
Myanmar Chaungmon-Wachaung A1, A2, A3 MM051
Myanmar Gulf of Mottama A1, A4i MM056
Myanmar Gyobin A2, A3 MM044
Myanmar Hkakaborazi A1, A3, A4i MM001
Myanmar Hponkanrazi A1, A2, A3, A4i MM002
Myanmar Htamanthi A1, A3 MM014
Myanmar Hukaung Valley A1, A3, A4i MM005
Myanmar Indawgyi Lake Wildlife Sanctuary and surroundings A1, A4i MM008
Myanmar Inle Lake A1, A4i, A4iii MM026
Myanmar Kamaing A1 MM006
Myanmar Karathuri A1, A2, A3 MM054
Myanmar Kawthaung District Lowlands A3 MM055
Myanmar Kennedy Peak A2, A3 MM034
Myanmar Kyauk Pan Taung A1, A3 MM037
Myanmar Kyee-ni Inn A1, A4i MM033
Myanmar Lampi Island A1, A3 MM052
Myanmar Lenya A1, A3 MM050
Myanmar Mahamyaing A1 MM019
Myanmar Mahanandar Kan A4i MM020
Myanmar Mehon (Doke-hta Wady River) A1 MM023
Myanmar Moyingyi A1, A4i, A4iii MM046
Myanmar Myitkyina-Nandebad-Talawagyi A1, A4i MM010
Myanmar Myittha Lakes A1, A4i MM030
Myanmar Nadi Kan A1 MM025
Myanmar Nam Sam Chaung A1, A4i MM011
Myanmar Nam San Valley A1 MM024
Myanmar Nantha Island A1, A4i MM057
Myanmar Nat-yekan A1, A3 MM043
Myanmar Natmataung (Mount Victoria) A1, A2, A3 MM039
Myanmar Ngawun (Lenya extension) A1, A2, A3 MM049
Myanmar Ngwe Taung A1, A3 MM038
Myanmar Ninety-six Inns A1, A3 MM012
Myanmar North Zarmayi A1 MM045
Myanmar Nyaung Kan - Minhla Kan A4i, A4iii MM031
Myanmar Pachan A1, A3 MM053
Myanmar Peleik Inn A4iii MM029
Myanmar Shinmataung A2, A3 MM040
Myanmar Shwesettaw A2, A3 MM042
Myanmar Tanai River A1, A2, A3, A4i MM004
Myanmar Tanintharyi National Park A3 MM048
Myanmar Taung Kan at Sedawgyi A1, A4iii MM028
Myanmar Upper Mogaung Chaung basin A1 MM007
Myanmar Uyu River A1 MM015
Myanmar Yemyet Inn A1, A4i MM022
Myanmar Zeihmu Range A1, A3 MM035