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IBA Criteria A3
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Number of sites 18
Country/Territory Site name IBA Criteria Final Code
Morocco Archipel d'Essaouira A3, A4ii MA029
Morocco Baie d'Ad Dakhla A1, A3, A4i, A4iii MA045
Morocco Canton Forestier de Sidi Bou Ghaba A1, A3, A4i MA012
Morocco Dakhla area A3, A4i MA046
Morocco Falaise Sidi-Moussa A3 MA014
Morocco Jbel Krouz A3 MA026
Morocco Merzouga/Tamezguidat A1, A3, A4i MA032
Morocco Msseyed A1, A3, A4i MA040
Morocco Oued Mird A3 MA037
Morocco Parc National de Souss-Massa and Aglou A1, A3, A4i MA038
Morocco Parc National de Tazekka A3 MA015
Morocco Parc National de Toubkal A3 MA033
Morocco Parc National du Haut Atlas Oriental A3 MA025
Morocco Parc Naturel d'Ifrane A1, A3, A4i MA018
Morocco Parc Naturel de Talassemtane A3 MA004
Morocco Piste de Tagdilt A3 MA030
Morocco Région Fouchal - Matarka A3 MA019
Morocco Tamri and Imsouane A1, A3, A4i MA035