Yushan National Park

Country/territory: Taiwan, China

IBA Criteria met: A2, A3 (2001)
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Area: 105,490 ha

Site description
Extent of this site: the eastern border runs from Malichia South Mt. and Kashipa South Mt. to the main ridge of Yuli Mt.; south along a line from Hsinkang Mt., Sancha Mt., the tunnel of Yakou, to the ridge line of Gong Mt.; the western border is from the stream valley on the western side of Meishan Village, Nanmian Mt., Hsunnan River forest road’s western ridge to Lulin Mt., Tongfu Mt.; north along the stream valley on the northern side of Dongpu Village District No. 1, Junda Mt., Hsunhayila River to the northern peak of Malichia South Mt. Annual precipitation is 3,000-4,700 mm. Two-thirds of the site is at elevations exceeding 2,000 m. So it is classified as a high-montane national park. Although this site only accounts for about 3% of the area of Taiwan, it includes over half of the native Taiwanese plants. Changes in the natural vegetation occur with changes in elevation and forests transform from subtropical and temperate to alpine forms. Abundant wild animals have been recorded. There are historical construction remains of the Ching Dynasty- the Patungkuan old passage. For these reasons, the entire area is rich in precious natural and cultural resources. The dominant tribal people are the Bunun at Dongpu Village, Hsinyi Village, Meishan Village and Taoyuan Village.

Key biodiversity
IBA A2 criterion species: 10 endemic species are commonly seen here: including Mikado Pheasant, Taiwan Firecrest, Formosan Yuhina, Steere’s Liocichla, Formosan Barwing, White-eared Sibia, Formosan Yellow Tit, Collared Bush Robin, Formosan Whistling Thrush, Formosan Laughing Thrush. • At this Site 108 species have been recorded. Each year from August to October, the Brown Shrike and small Sylvidae pass through on migration, commonly seen from 7 pm in the evening until 3 am at Tzuchung.

Non-bird biodiversity: • A total of 30 species of mammals has been recorded here, including the Formosan Black Bear Ursus thibetanus formosanus, Formosan Macaque Macaca cyclopsis, Formosan Serow Capricornis crispus swinhoei, and Formosan Sambar Cervus unicolor swinhoei. In addition, there is the nationally protected salamander Hynobius sp.

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