Site description (2009 baseline):

Site location and context
The IBA includes Fenghuang Shan, Xi Daming Shan and Xiaoming Shan mountains, and the intervening areas. It includes 23,000 ha of forest, with some 20% of the land in the nature reserve being used for forestry.

Key biodiversity

Non-bird biodiversity: Nationally protected animals include Macaca assamensis, Manis pentadactyla, Viverra zibetha, Selenarctos thibetanus and Felis temmincki. Cervus nippon was still present in the 1970s, but is now locally extinct. Nationally protected plants include Camellia chrysantha.

Conservation responses/actions for key biodiversity
The provincial-level Xi Daming Shan Water Resource Conservation Nature Reserve (60,100 ha) was established in 1982.

Recommended citation
BirdLife International (2023) Important Bird Area factsheet: Xidamingshan. Downloaded from on 25/09/2023.