Wadi Al-Qof - Beit Kahel

Country/territory: Palestinian Authority Territories

IBA Criteria met: B2 (1999)
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Area: 2,500 ha

Protection status:

Palestine Wildlife Society

Site description
It is located in the western of Hebron, it is far about 6km from the way that connect between the city and the western villages. The area of part of the district area is about 4000 dunum. There is a cave in the northern side called Al Toor, the length of this cave is more than 150m. The area is considered as one of the largest regions, which is planted wooded trees, in addition to Um Al-Rihan forests in Jenin destricts. As a result of the plenty of water and wooded trees, the wildlife increased in this valley. The springs of this region are: Al-Sukar, Al-Haska, and Al-Majnounha.

Key biodiversity
The White Stork birds, which pass the region in the spring, in March 1999 it was registered about 2500 birds, also the Lesser Kestrel, the Lesser Spotted Eagle, the Roller, the Rock Doves, the Finch, the Sand Partrige, the Hopooe, the White Wagtail, the European Bee Eater, and the Yellow-vented Bulblul.

Non-bird biodiversity: The animals of this region are: the Haeyna, the hystrix, the wolf, the common Badger, the Hare.

Recommended citation
BirdLife International (2020) Important Bird Areas factsheet: Wadi Al-Qof - Beit Kahel. Downloaded from on 28/11/2020.