Vrana Lake and Jasen

Year of compilation: 2005

Site description
The Vransko Lake is the largest lake in Croatia. The water is shallow. A large and well developed reed bed in the NW part of the lake supports the richest wetland ornithofauna on the Croatian coast. Revitalisation of wetland habitats and flooded meadows in the area north of the Nature Park (former Vransko blato) is proposed. Hills on the eastern side are covered by maquis. In winter Vransko Lake regularly supports more than 20.000 waterbirds (mostly Coots). It is the only breeding area for Purple Heron in Mediterranean Croatia and the only regular breeding site of Pygmy Cormorant in Croatia. Birds are threatened mainly by illegal construction, agricultural intensification, drainage, excessive or illegal hunting in surrounding area and excessive water extraction from lake tributaries.

Key biodiversity

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BirdLife International (2020) Important Bird Areas factsheet: Vrana Lake and Jasen. Downloaded from on 03/04/2020.