Tam Dao

Country/territory: Vietnam

IBA criteria met: A3 (2002)
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Area: 36,883 ha

BirdLife International in Vietnam
IBA conservation status
Year of assessment (most recent) State (condition) Pressure (threat) Response (action)
2008 near favourable medium high
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Site description (2002 baseline)
This IBA comprises Tam Dao National Park, which lies along a mountainous massif. The natural forest at Tam Dao is of two main types: lowland evergreen forest and lower montane evergreen forest. The national park also supports a small area of elfin forest.

Key biodiversity
Only a single record of a passage migrant Imperial Eagle Aquila heliaca qualifies the site as an IBA under criterion A1. It is unlikely that Tam Dao regularly supports populations of this species. If the biome-restricted species recorded at Tam Dao are found in three or more other sites, this site should be dropped.

Non-bird biodiversity: One of the most notable species to occur at Tam Dao National Park is Vietnamese Salamander Paramesotriton deloustali, a globally threatened species, endemic to northern Vietnam. The Vietnamese Salamander population is threatened by habitat loss, collection for the pet trade (this species can be found on sale at Dong Xuan market in Hanoi) and pollution of the streams in which the species lives.Tam Dao National Park supports some of the highest levels of recorded insect diversity in Vietnam, although this may partly reflect the high levels of survey effort at Tam Dao compared with other sites. Two threatened gymnosperm species are known to occur at Tam Dao National Park: Amenotaxus arotaenia and Fokienia hodginsii.

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