Tâmourt en Na'âj

Country/territory: Mauritania

IBA Criteria met: A4i, A4iii (2001)
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Area: 1,000 ha

Protection status:

Nature Mauritanie

Site description
Tâmourt en Na’âj is situated on Wadi el Abiod in the mountainous area of the Tagant plateau. The wadi and associated wetland depressions stretch over a length of 25 km. Huge mobile dunes cover large parts of the area. The tâmourt is formed by the narrowing of an ancient river valley north of M’Beika; the water flowing towards Gabou (site MR011) is retained firstly in the depression of Tâmourt en Na’âj. There is a dam north of Tâmourt en Na’âj, between it and Gabou, and although it retains the water for a time it does not influence the water-level in the tâmourt. The vegetation of the area includes Phoenix dactylifera, Acacia nilotica, A. raddiana, A. ehrenbergiana, Capparis decidua, Leptadenia pyrotechnica, Maerua crassifolia, Hyoscyamus muticus, Tamarix sp., Salvadora persica, Balanites aegyptiaca, Panicum turgidum and Cenchrus biflorus. Average annual rainfall is c.200 mm.

Key biodiversity
The importance of the wetland for waterbirds varies from year to year, depending on the amount of rainfall received. Other species observed in large numbers include Dendrocygna viduata (9,000), D. bicolor (1,200), Plectropterus gambensis (1,200) and Plegadis falcinellus (1,300).

Non-bird biodiversity: None known to BirdLife International.

Recommended citation
BirdLife International (2020) Important Bird Areas factsheet: Tâmourt en Na'âj. Downloaded from on 11/07/2020.