Country/territory: Timor-Leste

IBA Criteria met: A2 (2007)
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Area: 23,665 ha

Site description
An area of steep to moderately steep hills rising from sea level to more than 1,300 m on the isolated peak of Mount Curi, with a fine example of near pristine Eucalyptus savanna woodland extending from sea level to the steep hill slopes. The dominant vegetation below c.400 m is Eucalyptus alba savanna woodland with a tall grassy understorey (mostly Heteropogon and Themeda), with Eucalyptus urophylla dominant above c.400 m. Topographically protected tropical dry forest (or riparian semi-evergreen forest) occurs in gullies and on isolated hill slopes but is nowhere extensive (all patches <1 km2). The grassy understorey is burnt regularly (1–3 year periodicity) maintaining the open woodland. Locally, closed forest and savanna woodland is converted to small shifting agriculture plots to grow corn and other vegetables.

Key biodiversity
Fourteen restricted-range species have been recorded in this IBA, including during a brief visit to the Weoadolak area in April 2003 by Trainor et al. (2004), who considered that this IBA should be a priority for further field survey work.

Recommended citation
BirdLife International (2023) Important Bird Areas factsheet: Subaun. Downloaded from on 21/03/2023.