Stinker Point, Elephant Island

Country/territory: Antarctica

IBA Criteria met: A4iii (2015)
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Area: 288 ha

Protection status:

Site description

Stinker Point is located on the western coast of Elephant Island. The IBA qualifies on the basis of the concentration of seabirds present (in particular Chinstrap Penguin (Pygoscelis antarctica)) and includes the ice free coastline extending ~9 km northwards from ‘Point Wordie', and includes Stinker Point. See ANT032 for more information on the general features, vegetation and meteorology of Elephant Island.

There are no research stations in the vicinity, with the nearest being ~185 km to the southwest at King George Island.

Key biodiversity

Approximately 12 455 pairs of Chinstrap Penguin were breeding at Stinker Point and ‘Point Wordie' in 1971 (Croxall & Kirkwood 1979). A further 100 breeding pairs of Chinstrap Penguin were recorded at Mensa Bay, at the northern extent of the IBA. Approximately 1000 pairs of Gentoo Penguin ( Pygoscelis papua ) and 200 pairs of Macaroni Penguin ( Eudyptes chrysolophus ) were recorded breeding at ‘Point Wordie' in 1971. Two small colonies of Imperial Shag ( Phalacrocorax [ atriceps ] bransfieldensis ), constituting 5 and 35 breeding pairs in 1971, are located close to the Chinstrap colonies at Mensa Bay and at Stinker Point (Bruce & Furse 1973). Approximately 295 pairs of Southern Giant Petrel ( Macronectes giganteus ) were nesting in several locations across the site in 1971 (Patterson et al. 2008). Two breeding pairs of King Penguin ( Aptenodytes patagonicus ) were recorded at Stinker Point in 2009/10, suggesting a possible range extension of this species (Petry et al . 2013). See IBA ANT032 for information on other birds observed in the Elephant Island area.

Non-bird biodiversity: Antarctic Fur Seals (Arctocephalus gazella) have been observed breeding at Stinker Point (M. Goebel (NOAA), pers. comm. 2004). Southern Elephant Seals (Mirounga leonina) are also present on the island (Naveen 2003).

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