South Georgia Inner Marine

Site description (2018 baseline):

Key biodiversity
8 species trigger marine IBA criteria at this site: Grey-headed Albatross (EN), 1.2-2.0% global pop; Wandering Albatross (VU), 4.6-6.1% global pop; Northern Giant Petrel (LC), 1.2-5.6% global pop; White-chinned Petrel (VU), 0.16-0.20% global pop; King Penguin (LC), 1.1-1.4% global pop; Macaroni Penguin (VU), 0.1-16.3% global pop (best available data as of 2018).
South Georgia also holds important populations of Southern Giant Petrels (LC), Antarctic Terns (LC), Imperial Shag (LC), which are likely to be using this site.

Recommended citation
BirdLife International (2024) Important Bird Area factsheet: South Georgia Inner Marine. Downloaded from on 29/02/2024.