Simpson Desert

Country/territory: Australia

IBA criteria met: A1, A2, A3 (2009)
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Area: 2,284,817 ha

BirdLife Australia
IBA conservation status
Year of assessment (most recent) State (condition) Pressure (threat) Response (action)
2008 not assessed low not assessed
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Site summary
This IBA supports a large population of the restricted-range Eyrean Grasswren, small numbers of the endangered Plains-wanderer, relatively good numbers of the near threatened Grey Falcon and Australian Bustard, and the arid-biome-restricted Inland Dotterel, Banded Whiteface, Grey-headed Honeyeater, Grey Honeyeater, Black Honeyeater, Pied Honeyeater, Gibberbird, Chirruping Wedgebill, Chiming Wedgebill, Cinnamon Quail-thrush and Painted Finch.

Dez Wells drafted the nomination based on surveys by Birds Australia Southern Queensland and Eric Anderson provided data from the Mulligan River surveys.

Recommended citation
BirdLife International (2023) Important Bird Area factsheet: Simpson Desert. Downloaded from on 06/12/2023.