Shouf Cedars Nature Reserve

Country/territory: Lebanon

IBA Criteria met: A1, A2, A3 (2008)
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Area: 20,000 ha

Protection status:

Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon
Most recent IBA monitoring assessment
Year of assessment Threat score (pressure) Condition score (state) Action score (response)
2007 low not assessed high
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Site description
The best remaining stand of cedar Cedrus libani forest in Lebanon, in a mountainous, rocky area at 1,750 m, covered in snow between December and March. The forest is relatively open, with much scrub, and about 10% of the area is under cultivation. Currently the area is primarily used for hunting, tourism and recreation, secondarily for forestry, rangeland and wildlife conservation.

Key biodiversity
See box for key species. Other breeding species include Alectoris chukar (if not extinct), Lullula arborea, Eremophila alpestris, Anthus similis, Oenanthe oenanthe, O. hispanica, Sylvia hortensis, Parus lugubris, Pyrrhocorax graculus (possible), Emberiza cia (possible) and E. caesia. Migrants include Ciconia ciconia.

Non-bird biodiversity: Mammals: Canis lupus (V), Sciurus anomalus (relict), Mongoose (present at site, highly endangered in other parts of the country. Flora: there are many endemic plants, and Cedars of Lebanon (Cedrus libani)

Recommended citation
BirdLife International (2021) Important Bird Areas factsheet: Shouf Cedars Nature Reserve. Downloaded from on 10/05/2021.