Serra de Penha Garcia e Campina de Toulões

Year of compilation: 2002

Site description
Area located in Beira Baixa, in the council of Idanha -Nova, with a wide diversity of habitats that hold tipically steppic areas, open woodland of evergreen oak (Q. suber, Q. ilex) and mediterranean shrubland. This diversity of habitats causes curiouses specifications like Erithacus rubecula that only nests in north slopes.

Key biodiversity
The area supports a wide diversity of species of steppic and rupicolous habitat. 125 species have been registered in this place and 90 of them are breeding.This site is important for threatened raptors like Neophron percnopterus, Gyps fulvus, Aquila chrysaetus, Hieraaetus fasciatus and falco peregrinus. Here it is possible to found 18 raptor species of 24 that are in Portugal.The steppic habitats are important for Ciconia nigra, Otis tarda, Tetrax tetrax, Pterocles orientalis and Burhinus oedicnemus.

Pressure/threats to key biodiversity
The intensification of agriculture (including irrigation) will reduce the extent of steppic habitats. Also abanbandonment of land management and afforestation with oak cause reduction and fragmentation of steppic habitats.Afforestation with eucalypthus, illegal hunting of Otis tarda and disturbances of Gyps fulvus and Hieraaetus pennatus for recreation and tourism are others threats that occur in this IBA

Protected areas
National:NoneInternational: None

Recommended citation
BirdLife International (2020) Important Bird Areas factsheet: Serra de Penha Garcia e Campina de Toulões. Downloaded from on 07/07/2020.