Point Hill

Country/territory: Jamaica

IBA criteria met: -
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Area: 4,700 ha

Site description (baseline)
Point Hill (the hills above Worthy Park) is best described as Disturbed secondary forest of mid-range altitude. Forms a part of the mid-altitude central forest area of Jamaica. Rainfall range is 120cm - 250cm per annum. It is surrounded by a few towns on the north east and South. Such towns include Fairfield and Oxford (on the North); Springvale in the east and Rennals and Montpelier on the South.

Key biodiversity
The site is recognised to provide suitable habitat for large numbers of endemics, as well as resident and summer migrant species. Endemics oberved were , Arrow-headed Warbler, Black-billed Parrot, White-chinned Thrush and Yellow-shoudered grassquit. Residents observed include Caribbean Dove, Ruddy Quail Dove and Bananaquit. Also observed (one) was the endangered Plain Pigeon.

Recommended citation
BirdLife International (2023) Important Bird Area factsheet: Point Hill. Downloaded from http://datazone.birdlife.org/site/factsheet/18743 on 30/05/2023.