Parque Nacional da Serra da Capivara

IBA Criteria

Year of most recent IBA criteria assessment: 2006

Populations of IBA trigger species
Species Current IUCN Red List Category Season Year(s) of estimate Population estimate IBA Criteria Triggered
Greater Rhea Rhea americana NT resident 1993 30 individuals A1
Yellow-legged Tinamou Crypturellus noctivagus NT resident 1993 30 individuals A1
White-browed Guan Penelope jacucaca VU resident 1993 30 individuals A1, A3
Pygmy Nightjar Nyctipolus hirundinaceus LC resident - present A3
Broad-tipped Hermit Anopetia gounellei LC resident - present A3
Blue-winged Macaw Primolius maracana NT resident 1993 30 individuals A1
Caatinga Antwren Herpsilochmus sellowi LC resident 1993 common A1, A3
Silvery-cheeked Antshrike Sakesphorus cristatus LC resident - present A3
White-browed Antpitta Hylopezus ochroleucus NT resident 1993 common A1, A3
Great Xenops Megaxenops parnaguae LC resident - present A3
Red-shouldered Spinetail Synallaxis hellmayri LC resident 1993 rare A1, A2, A3
Caatinga Cacholote Pseudoseisura cristata LC resident - present A3
Yellow-faced Siskin Spinus yarrellii VU resident 1993 30 individuals A1
Red-cowled Cardinal Paroaria dominicana LC resident - present A3

Note: This table presents the IBA criteria triggered and the species that triggered then at the time of assessment, the current IUCN Red List category may vary from that which was in place at that time.

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IBA Protection

Protected Area Designation Area (ha) Relationship with IBA Overlap with IBA (ha)
Parque Nacional Da Serra Da Capivara Parque 91,849 protected area overlaps with site 100,000

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